Wavelets in Computer Graphics

Arya MirΛογισμικό & κατασκευή λογ/κού

9 Σεπ 2011 (πριν από 5 χρόνια και 2 μήνες)

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One of the perennial goals in computer graphics is realism in realtime. Handling geometrically complex scenes and physically faithful descriptions of their appearance and behavior, clashes with the requirement ofmultiple frame per second update rates. It is no surprise then that hierarchical modeling and simulation have already enjoyed a long history in computer graphics. Most recently these ideas have received a significant boost as wavelet based algorithms have entered many areas in computer graphics. We give an overview of some of the areas in which wavelets have already had an impact on the state of the art. Keywords: Computer graphics, wavelets, rendering, curves, surfaces, volumetric data, compression, analysis, variational modeling, interactive modeling, second generation wavelets.

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