JBoss ESB Journal Notes

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15 Μαϊ 2012 (πριν από 4 χρόνια και 6 μήνες)

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The core of JBossESB is Rosetta, an ESB that has been in commercial deployment at a mission critical site for over 3 years. JBossESB aims to provide a set of tools and a methodology that makes it simple to isolate business logic from transport and triggering mechanisms, to log business and processing events that flow through the framework, and to allow flexible plug-ins of ad hoc business logic and data transformations. Emphasis was placed on making it possible (and simple) for future users to replace/extend the standard base classes that come with the framework (and are used for the toolset), and to trigger their own “action classes” that can be unaware of transport and triggering mechanisms.

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