Bridging the Technological Gap: High-speed Wireless Internet in Rural America

Arya MirΔίκτυα και Επικοινωνίες

25 Ιουλ 2011 (πριν από 5 χρόνια και 3 μήνες)

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Currently, there is a large discrepancy in the availability and costs of highspeed Internet in rural areas. The gap between high-speed access and connectivity to the Internet will continue to grow unless alternatives to wireline broadband services are examined. This thesis studies how wireless, high-speed Internet fills the void in broadband services in rural America. By referring to past studies conducted on Internet usage and availability in Iowa, it is shown that broadband is an important service for those in rural areas. Also, through personal interviews with wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), this thesis is able to assess the current state of the industry and study the effect that it has on rural America. Although technical and policy hurdles in this industry still exist, the findings suggest that wireless, high-speed Internet can fill the broadband void in rural areas by providing a cost- effective, reliable service.

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