Transport and Works Act 1992 - Warwickshire County Council

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Transport and Works Act 1992

Nuneaton North Chord

New railway and ancillary works

Consultation from Network Rail

Site 39A003, Tuttle Hill, Nuneaton

Transport and Works Act, The Network Rail (Nuneaton North Chord) Order. Request
for Plann
ing Permission.

Applicant: Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd


Members will recall other work in recent years to the West Coast Main Line (WCML) and
Nuneaton Station. This included the re
opening of the former railway bridge immediately
north of

the station to enable Birmingham to Leicester passenger services to pass over the

Most of this work was not authorised by planning permissions granted by this Council but by
an order signed by the Secretary of State of Transport. This order is mad
e under the
Transport and Works Act 1992.

In this case the draft order is intended to authorise the construction and maintenance of a
new chord railway and associated works adjacent WCML and the acquisition of land and
rights in land for the proposed wor
ks and ancillary purposes. The order can cover other
powers required to carry out the works such as the stopping up of highways, executing
street works, works relating to Coventry Canal, discharge of water and other miscellaneous

The Council is a
statutory consultee and the authority to respond to this wide ranging
consultation is Full Council. A report will be made to Council on 9

September 2009 and the
views of this Committee on the planning aspects of the proposal will be reported to that

2.The Proposal

The main part of the proposal is to construct a new rail line which will come off the existing
Arley Line behind Biddles unit in St Mary’s Road

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wi汬⁲ a捨⁡ max業um he楧h琠o映T.R 瑲t猠bu琬 捨 of⁩琠w楬氠le⁡bou琠R me瑲t猠s楧h⸠pome
of⁴he楮 ⁷楬氠le⁩ ⁣ t瑩tg⸠

ermanent⁳楮g汥l污le⁨au氠牯ld⁷楴i⁰a獳楮g⁰污捥猠s楬氠le⁣ n獴su捴cd⁲ nning⁰a牡汬e氠lo
瑨e⁳outh⁷e獴s獩摥映theew楮 ⁡nd⁰a牴ryn⁴he o瑨e爠獩de ad橡jen琠t䍍i⸠qh楳⁷楬氠
have⁡⁴a牭ac⁳ rface ex捥p琠a琠瑨eo牴h⁷e獴send映瑨e楮 nea爠the⁂or
and⁷楴i楮i瑨e⁒楶e爠䅮步爠f汯ldp污ln⁷he牥⁴he牥⁷楬氠le⁡⁴empo牡ry⁲ ad⁣ n獴牵c瑥d of
捯mpa捴cd⁨a牤捯牥Ⱐth楳⁷楬氠le⁲ moved⁷hen⁣ n獴牵捴楯n⁩猠捯mp汥le.

佴he爠獩gnif楣慮t⁳ 牵捴u牥猠楮捬ideew⁢物dge猠sve爠瑨e B楲m楮iham楮 and⁓
toney⁒ adⰠ
wh楣栠give猠s捣c獳⁴o i楮if楥汤⁆ 牭o牴h映t䍍i⸠An⁥x瑥n獩on⁴o⁴he⁥x楳瑩湧⁢物dge

Continued . . .


029700 continued . . .

Two existing bridges will be demolished

one redundant over WCML a
nd one over Stoney
Road which will be realigned with a further temporary diversion.

Two new culverts will be constructed to link with existing ones and a swale (large ditch) will
be created to compensate for loss of floodplain.

The main construction acces
s will be the existing large access into Judkins Quarry leading
to the former block works site which will become the main compound for the works. The
compound will cover 5.5 hectares and is already largely hard surfaced. A small compound
will also be creat
ed near Canal Farm for the extension of the bridge in that area. Both
compounds will be enclosed with 1.8m galvanised palisade fencing.

A new construction road will be created from the bridge in Judkins over Coventry Canal
(which will need to be strength
ened) to the new haul road adjacent the new line. The
construction road will use the line of the disused railway which runs through Judkins. This
has already been used for previous works to the WCML

Stoney Road will only be used for limited access as will

the existing access road to Network
Rail’s depot off Midland Road (adjacent ABS skips).

佴he爠獴牵r瑵牥猠and⁥qu楰ien琠w楬氠le⁩ 獴s汬ed⁳ ch⁡s⁳楧na汬楮iⰠ瑥汥捯mmun楣慴ion猬s

qhe⁩ tended⁣on獴牵ct楯i⁰e物od⁩猠
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pome映瑨e⁷o牫⁩猠楮⁴he a牥r of⁎ 牴h tarw楣歳桩牥

P⸠剥oson 景爠r牯po獡l

qheew楮 ⁩猠 o⁰牯r楤i⁡⁲ ute fo爠ra楬 f牥楧h琠瑲tve汬楮i⁦牯m⁴he ie楣敳ie爠r楲e捴con⁴o in
瑨e no牴rbound t䍍i⁷楴iou琠d楳i
up瑩ng⁳ 牶r捥猠sn tjCi⸠f琠捯mp汥浥l瑳t瑨e⁵pg牡re of
瑨e⁆ 汩x獴swe⁴o⁎ nea瑯n⁲ 楬⁲ u瑥⁴o fa捩c楴a瑥⁴he more⁥晦楣ien琠movemen琠of⁳h楰i
捯n瑡ine牳⁢y⁲ 楬⁦rom 瑨e po牴献

䥴⁩猠 a牴f a⁷楤i爠獴牡regy⁴o⁤楶e牴⁦牥楧h琠瑲t晦楣ihav楮i⁴o f楲獴sgo⁩
northwards. It is also part of the Government’s policy to shift freight transport from road to

楴⁩猠ioped⁴h楳⁣ou汤l牥ruce⁴heeed fo爠獯me′2RⰰMMo牲yovemen瑳ta⁹ea爮⁂y
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4 楮i汩nesf 瑨e tCji⁧o楮i⁴h牯rgh⁎ nea瑯n⁓ta瑩tn.

qhe⁣ o牤eeds⁴o be‱⸵m ng⁴o a捨楥ie⁴he⁣ 牲e捴cg牡r楥n琠to⁥n瑥爠tCji⸠䥴 need猠
瑯⁡捣ommodate⁡ TTRm ng瑨 f牥楧h琠瑲t楮⁳o⁴ha琠楴⁣an⁳ an
d⁣汥a爠rf⁡汬 nc瑩tn猠s楴i
ex楳瑩湧楮 献

then⁴he⁣ho牤⁩猠楮pe牡瑩rn⁩琠楳⁰牥d楣瑥d 楴⁷楬氠la捩c楴ite‱4⁡dd楴iona氠f牥楧h琠瑲t楮猠a⁤ayⰠ
4f 瑨ose⁡琠n楧h琮 周e楮 ⁷楬氠lo琠be e汥捴物f楥i⁡琠瑨e⁳ a牴⁢ecauseo獴 f牥楧h琠
汬⁤ie獥氬⁨oweve爠r牯癩獩on⁷楬氠leade⁳ ⁣ ange猠捡n⁢e made⁩ 瑨e†

Continued . . .


029700 continued . . .

4. Consultations carried out

Network Rail has done a significant amount of consultation prior to submitting the draft

In May 2008 they sent letters to approximately 400 houses nearest the site and potential
access points informing residents of the proposal. They again sent letters in July 2008
informing people of a public exhibition at which their officers would be av
ailable to answer
questions and give advice. This was held on 30

July 2008 at Hatters Space Community
Centre between 12.00 to 20.00. About 30 people attended.

Press releases also went out in May and July 2008 and a full page advert was placed for the
ublic exhibition. Radio interviews were given. Flyers and posters were also used and
feedback cards issued.

Only 2 comment cards were received covering:

剥Rue獴sfo爠瑲ee⁰lan瑩ng⁡猠s no楳攠m楴楧a瑩tn a獵re.


乵Nea瑯n⁒a楬⁕獥牳⁡汳漠a獫sdⁱue獴楯n猠楮 an⁥ 楬⁴o⁷h楣栠乥Nwo牫⁒a楬⁲ 獰onded

瑨楳⁩湣汵ded⁳u捨⁴h楮g猠s猠sown瑩te猠and⁩n瑥牲up瑩on猠so⁳ 牶楣敳ia猠s⁲ su汴映
捯n獴牵捴楯n⁡nd⁩mpa捴cof p牯rosa氠ln fu瑵牥 ve氠l映獥牶楣敳

A猠s⁲ su汴映瑨e⁣ nsu汴l瑩tn⁣ 牲楥i ou琠瑨e 獣seme⁷a猠捨anged

瑨e ng瑨f 瑨e⁣ ord
wa猠牥du捥d and⁡ pa獳楮s op⁷a猠se汥led.

䥮⁲ 污l楯n⁴o⁴he⁡pp汩ca瑩tn 景爠瑨e⁤raf琠o牤rr⁎ 瑷o牫⁒a楬⁨ave⁩ en瑩f楥i and⁣ nsu汴ld
tu瑯特⁣ n獵汴les⸠佮′

July 2 letters were sent to some 1900
residents with detailed information on traffic movements as well as on the proposed works.
There were 17 calls to the helpline set up

con捥牮⁷a猠sn⁰o獳楢汥 f牥楧h琠depo琠at⁊ d歩ns
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app汩捡瑩tn⁡nd⁩猠not⁴o 步 a forma氠de捩獩on⸠fn⁴h楳⁣i獥Ⱐbe捡u獥f⁩瑳⁳楧n楦楣in捥Ⱐ
n⁳ n琠瑯⁴he 景汬ow楮i⁡dd牥獳r猠sh楣栠a牥⁴ho獥⁣ o獥獴sto⁴he p牯rosed

 ven⁩ 捬畤楮g‱4a⤠䩯d牥汬 p瑲tet㬠N⁴o″S⁊ d牥汬⁃ u牴㬠ABp⁓歩瀠and⁖a捡nt
p牥r楳敳⁩ ⁍ d污ld⁒oad;′M
P4⁓瑯ney⁒ ad㬠p瑡瑩tn⁈ u獥Ⱐoed⁒ byⰠ䍡Ca氠la牭I‱

d 2⁃ na氠䙡rm⁃ 瑴age猬s䍡Ca氠lo瑴ageI 乥k⁈ u獥⁃ na氠獩leⰠi楮if楥汤⁆ rmⰠ
䩵d歩湳k 䝃d⁃ n獴牵捴楯n⁅qu楰men琠a汬 of qu瑴汥l䡩汬㬠B楤ile猠snd qhe牭o獣seen猠p琠
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h楴i捴c⁡nd⁃ un捩c⁄ po琮

R⸠m污nn楮i⁐o汩捹⁆牡 ewo牫

qhe⁰牯po獡氠楳lof na瑩ona氠獩lnif楣慮ce⁳ na瑩tna氠p污lning⁰o汩捹⁩猠 a牴r捵污牬y⁲ 汥lan琮

Continued . . .


029700 continued . . .

Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 1

Delivering Sust
ainable Development has 4 aims:

Ma楮ienan捥f h楧h⁡nd⁳ ab汥l汥le汳映e捯nom楣⁧牯r瑨⁡nd⁥mp汯lmen琮

So捩慬⁰牯r牥獳rwh楣栠牥捯gn楳敳i瑨eeeds of⁥ve特one



Pa牡r牡rh 27 of⁐PS1⁨a猠a⁧en
eral principle ‘reduce the need to travel and encourage
a捣c獳楢汥 pub汩挠c牡nspo牴⁰牯r楳ion⁴o⁳ 捵re 牥⁳rs瑡楮ib汥lpat瑥牮猠o映瑲tnspo牴r

mmp‱Pn q牡rspo牴rha猠she fo汬ow楮ib橥捴ive猻

To⁡捨楥ie⁡⁳ 晥Ⱐe晦i捩敮琠and⁩ 瑥g牡瑥d⁴牡
n獰o牴⁳r獴sm⁴o⁳ ppo牴⁡⁳ 牯ng⁡nd

See歳⁴o⁰ro瑥捴⁳楴 猠and⁲ u瑥s⁷h楣栠捯u汤⁢e⁣物瑩捡氠楮ldeve汯l楮g⁩ f牡獴牵r瑵牥r
瑯⁷楤in⁴牡rspo牴⁣hoi捥猠fo爠ro瑨⁰a獳enger⁡nd f牥楧h琠movement献


Env楲onmenta氠l瑡瑥men琠w楴i⁴he app汩捡瑩on
and 瑨e fo汬ow楮i⁐PS a牥⁡pp汩捡b汥⁴o⁣on獩de牡瑩rn映瑨a琮


PPS′3⁐lann楮i⁡nd Po汬u瑩tn⁃ n瑲tl

PPS′4⁐lann楮i⁡nd 乯楳N

PPS′5⁄ ve汯lmen琠and⁆汯od⁒楳

he We獴sM楤污nd猠剥g楯ia氠l瑲t瑥gy⁨a猠s牡n獰o牴rpo汩捩敳c牥污瑩ng⁴o f牥楧h琠and⁩den瑩f楥i
瑨e W䍍LⰠ汩nes⁢e瑷ten⁎unea瑯n⁡nd Lei捥獴s爠rnd†be瑷een⁎ nea瑯n⁡nd⁂楲m楮iham
as ‘railway lines contributing to the strategic rail freight network’.

n and⁂edwo牴r⁂o牯ugh⁌oca氠l污n 2MMS⁨as⁴h牥e⁲ 汥lan琠獡ved⁰o汩捩敳c


‘ Some 16 hectares of land at Judkins, Tuttle Hill are allocated for industrial
pu牰rse献s䑥ae汯lmen琠w楬氠le⁩ ⁡捣c牤ance⁷楴i⁡⁲ v楳敤⁄ ve汯lment⁂物ef⁴o⁢e
p牯ruced a
s a Supplementary Planning Document (SPG)’

Emp14 ‘Redevelopment or change of use of existing and committed employment land and
bu楬d楮i猠⡂sⱂ2Ⱐand B8⁵se猩sfo爠r瑨e爠u獥猠s楬氠ln汹⁢e⁰e牭楴瑥d⁩ :

䥴⁣ n⁢e⁤emon獴牡ted⁴hat⁴he牥⁩猠no nge爠aeed a
employmen琠u獥猠sanno琠be a瑴牡捴ed ove爠瑨e⁰lan⁰e物odI爠瑨a琠瑨ey⁷ou汤lbe

qhe 捡瑩tn o爠rxpans楯i映瑨e⁥x楳瑩湧⁥mploymen琠u獥⁷ou汤lhave⁡n
a捣cptab汥ladve牳攠業pa捴cupone楧hbou物ng⁲ 獩摥n瑩t氠l捣


‘In Areas of Restraint, as defined on the Proposals Map, development will only be
pe牭楴ied⁷he牥⁴he deve汯lmen琠wou汤lno琠adve牳敬r⁡晦e捴c瑨epen⁣ a牡r瑥爠r爠
appearance of the area, taking into account any possible cumulative effects’


A⁷楤i⁲ ngef di晦e牥n琠獵b橥捴猠and⁩ pa捴猠s牥⁩r捬cded⁷楴i楮ia very⁣ mp牥ren獩se
bnv楲onmen瑡氠lta瑥men琠楮⁡捣c牤ance⁷楴i⁴he⁳ op楮i⁡g牥rd⁷楴h⁴he⁓e捲e瑡特f⁓tate⸠
A⁢物ef⁣on捬畳楯nn⁴he f楮d楮i猠楳⁩s捬畤ed


Continued . . .


029700 continued . . .


Loss of Agricultural Land

the proposal will result in the permanent loss of 5.29
hectares of agricultural land classified as the ‘best or most versatile quality’. The
o琠no牭a汬y⁣污獳楦s⁡ 獳f 獳s瑨an′M⁨e捴a牥猠a猠


th楳⁩猠ipp汩捡b汥la琠2⁳ ages

du物ng⁣ n獴牵c瑩tn⁡nd⁷hen

䑵物ng⁃ n獴牵捴楯n 瑨e⁢楧ge獴s業pa捴cw楬氠le⁴o i楮if楥汤⁆ rm⁤u物ng⁴he demo汩瑩tn

瑨e⁲ dundan琠b物dge⁢u琠瑨a琠shou汤n汹⁴a步′⁤ay献sqhe牥⁷楬氠be⁡ de牡瑥
業pa捴n⁃ na氠䙡牭 a猠she⁷o牫猠瑯⁥x瑥nd⁴he b物dge⁷楬氠leⁱu楴i⁣汯獥Ⱐthe
o捣cp楥牳iof⁴ha琠晡牭 may⁡汳漠have⁡⁰e牣rp瑩te⁩ pa捴 f牯m⁶楢牡瑩tn⁣ m楮i f牯m
瑨a琠shouldo琠捡u獥 damage⸠qhe demo汩瑩tn of⁴he p瑯ney⁒ ad⁂物dge
pe牣数瑩b汥lto⁳汩 h琠楮i牥r獥⁩ no楳i ve汳⸠l楲bo牮r⁶楢牡瑩tn⁣ould⁡汳漠be a⁳ u牣攠
bu琠獨ou汤lnot⁣ use⁤amage.


楮i瑨e f楲獴syea爠rmpac琠楳⁥xpe捴ed⁴o⁢eeg汩g楢汥⸠

䩯d牥汬⁓瑲te琠牥獩ren瑳ay⁥ven⁥xpe物ence an⁩ p牯remen琠a猠she⁥mbankmen琠
wi汬⁲ du捥o楳攠f牯m tCji⸠bven⁷hen 瑨e⁣ o牤rbe捯mes fu汬ype牡瑩rna氠楴l
no琠expe捴cd⁴ha琠the牥⁷楬氠le⁡⁳楧nif楣慮t⁩ c牥r獥⁩ no楳i爠r楢牡瑩tn.


瑷oa楮⁩獳 es

䑵獴 f牯m⁤emo汩瑩tn and⁣ n獴牵捴楯n⸠qhe⁳ a瑥men琠ha猠楤en瑩f楥d NT8 po獳楢汥
獥n獩瑩se⁰牯re牴res⁷楴h楮iNMM me瑲tsf 瑨e wo牫猠rnd‱MST⁷
楴i楮iNMM 瑯 RMM
me瑲ts⸠Bu琠獴snda牤⁣on獴牵捴楯n⁰牡r瑩獥猠sequ楲ed⁢y⁎ 瑷o牫⁒a楬⁳ ou汤lmean
業pa捴 f牯m⁡ny⁤u獴sem楳獩on猠should⁢ein業楳敤.

mo汬u瑩tn f牯m⁥m楳獩on猠f牯m⁣ n獴牵捴楯n⁶eh楣ie猠snd⁲ 楬 como瑩te献s䥮⁴he⁣ se
of⁣ n獴牵捴楯n⁶eh
楣ie猠楴s楳⁰牥r楣ied⁴o⁨ave⁡ w⁩ pa捴n⁰牯re牴re猠sos琠
a晦e捴ed⁩n qu瑴le⁈楬氠lnd⁩ 瑥牭sf⁲ 楬 como瑩te猠業pa捴c楳iexpe捴cd⁴o⁢e

iand獣spe⁡nd s楳畡氠A獳s獳sent

瑨e楮 wi汬⁲ n⁴h牯rgh⁳ me⁲ ugh⁧牡獳污rd
a琠瑨e⁳ u瑨⁥nd⁡
nd⁴hen⁴h牯rgh f污琠ag物捵汴l牡氠污nd⁢u琠瑨e牥⁩猠a ne瑷o牫f
hedge牯r猠snd 瑲te献spome⁨edge牯r⁷楬氠le 獴sbu琠w楬氠le⁲ p污led⁢yew
hedge献s剡楬⁩ofra獴牵捴u牥⁩猠a汲eady⁡⁷e汬⁥獴sb汩獨ed fea瑵re⁩ ⁴he nd獣ape.
qhe牥rmay⁢e⁳ome⁩ pa捴cto⁴he

v楳畡氠lmen楴if⁲ 獩den瑩t氠l牯pe牴re猠su琠楮ithe
汯lg⁴e牭 瑨楳⁳iou汤lbe楴楧a瑥d⁢y⁡dd楴楯ia氠污ld獣ap楮i.


乯k獴s瑵to特⁳楴 猠s晦e捴ed bu琠lo捡汬y⁤e獩sna瑥d⁳楴es⁡牥⁷楴i楮iwo牫猠
a牥r⸠j楴楧a瑩tn⁷楬氠le 捡牲楥iu琠by⁣牥a瑩tg ne
p污l瑩tg映獰e捩e猠物捨⁨edge牯r献s周e⁲ ugh⁧牡獳污rd⁷楬氠l汳漠be⁩ proved⁴o
p牯r楤i⁦o爠rn⁥nhan捥d⁨ab楴it fo爠rnse捴猠and⁲ p瑩汥献 ti汬⁡汳l⁰ut⁵p 2M ba琠
boxe献spome⁢adge爠獥瑴猠s楬氠le⁡晦e捴cd⁢ut⁥v楤in捥⁩猠 h
wi汬⁢e⁵獥d⸠剥o瑩汥猠we牥⁦ound⁩n⁳ 牶ey⁡nd⁷楬氠leoved⁩ ⁨楧h⁲ 獫⁡牥r猠

Continued . . .


029700 continued . . .


Cultural Heritage

Only one identified feature definitely affected which is
the 3 span
archway brick bridge in Stoney Road which is to be demolished

par瑬t⁢e捡u獥 of
楴猠捯nd楴ion⸠乯琠a des楧na瑥d⁡獳e琠so⁷楬氠lave⁡⁰ho瑯g牡rh楣⁡nd⁳ o牴rde獣物p瑩te

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f汯od⁲ 獫⁡nd⁷a瑥爠rua汩瑹.

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Rail’s standard environmental management practices will ensure risk is ne


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汯牲楥猠ou琠o映乵keaton⁔ wn⁃ n瑲t⁡nd u牢rn⁡牥rs.

Continued . . .


029700 continued
. . .

Overall during the construction period the number of lorries would represent a 50%
increase in number of lorries along Mancetter Road and Tuttle Hill over a 12 hour
period but in terms of total traffic on those roads it will represent only a 4% incr
This still represents one arrival and departure every 8 minutes. This is a worst case
scenario as it is based on a 3 month timetable for the embankment but this could be
longer so lorries could be spread over longer period.

Construction activities

will be undertaken during normal working hours per day and
within a phased programme of work. The assessment carried out on air quality, noise
and disturbance does not show a significant impact from the increased lorry
movements there may well be a percei
ved problem but assessment does not show
one in reality.

Wheel washing facility will be employed for HGVs leaving the site and the off highway
haul road will be damped down in dry conditions.

Once the scheme is completed the only traffic anticipated woul
d be the occasional
maintenance traffic and the impact of that would be negligible.

The mitigation measures and the requirements for good working practises will be built into
contractual obligations. Network Rail has prepared a specific document called ‘


Environment’ (CPE). This is now in its 5

revision and contains a
controlled source of mandatory environmental clauses, which sets out minimum
requirements for every contract and specific requirements for particular p
rojects. This was
used successfully in the previous Nuneaton projects and elsewhere in the WCML
enhancement. This reduces the need for extensive planning conditions for the deemed
permission contained in any approved order.

7. Suggested Planning Condition


The development shall be commenced before the expiration of five years from the
date the Order comes into force


The development shall be constructed in accordance with Network Rail’s Contracts
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be⁰牥pa牥d⁩ ⁣on獵汴a瑩tn⁷楴i⁴he 捡氠p污nn楮i⁡utho物瑹.

A nd獣ap楮i⁳捨eme⁳ a汬⁢e⁳ bm楴ied 瑯Ⱐand approved⁩ ⁷物瑩tg⁢yⰠ瑨e 捡氠

ann楮i⁡u瑨o物瑹⸠qhe⁡pp牯red⁳ heme⁳ha汬⁢e⁩ p汥浥lted⁩n⁡c捯牤rnce⁷楴i
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of⁴he⁷o牫献†Any⁴牥r猠s爠獨牵rs⁩ 捬畤ed⁩ ⁴he⁳ heme 瑨a琠d楥r⁡牥⁲rmoved爠

se物ou獬s⁤楳ia獥d o爠r牥rdamaged w楴i楮i瑨e f楲獴sf楶e⁹ea牳⁳ra汬⁢e
牥r污捥d⁩ ⁴he nex琠plan瑩tg⁳ ason⁷楴i⁡no瑨e爠r映獩s楬a爠獩ze⁡nd⁳ e捩敳co爠r猠
o瑨e牷楳攠may⁢e ag牥rd⁩ ⁷物瑩tg⁢y⁴he ca氠l污ln楮i⁡utho物瑹.

乥kwo牫⁒a楬⁳ a汬⁡晦o牤⁡捣c獳

a琠a汬⁲ a獯nab汥l瑩me猠瑯 any⁡牣raeo汯l楳琠
nominated by⁴he ca氠l污ln楮i⁡utho物瑹Ⱐand⁳ a汬 a汬ow⁡ny⁳ 捨ominated pe牳潮
瑯b獥牶e⁴he ex捡va瑩tn猬s捡牲yu琠楮ie獴楧a瑩tn猠and⁲ 捯牤⁩rem猠sf⁩ te牥獴 and

Continued . . .


00 continued . . .

8. Commentary

This is a significant proposal in terms of its scale and in its importance to national objectives.

National Planning Guidance clearly gives support to this type of proposal, which will help
improve the freight rai
l route from Felixstowe to the Midlands and North with a better
connection into the WCML at Nuneaton and enabling reduced traffic having to go via
London. This will not only provide a more direct and sustainable route, but relieves the
congested and restri
cted capacity of the capital thus enabling improved passenger services.
This in turn allows for more division of traffic from road to rail. This is clearly in line with
European and national sustainable development objectives and provides extremely strong
planning justification for the proposal.

Locally the removal of the conflict of some freight trains having to go through Nuneaton
Station to join the WCML should of significant benefit because the current situation must
impede the efficiency and capacity
of the passenger services. Although Network Rail are not
responsible for the level and type of services running on their lines this proposal clearly
provides the opportunity for improved passenger services. This factor also provides support
for the proposa

However the proposal should be considered against the development plan, which consists
of the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) 2004 and the Borough Local Plan
2006. The RSS policies do support this type of improvement in the rail network.
Borough Local Plan policies however do provide some issues

Taking policies Emp2 and Emp14 as set out in Section 5 above the use of 5.5 hectares of
land allocated for industrial development, as a temporary compound along with the
temporary construction

road would prejudice a comprehensive employment scheme for
Judkins site. The additional traffic arising from this proposal using the Judkins entrance will
also inhibit a comprehensive scheme. However Emp2 envisages a Development Brief being
prepared first
. Given there is not one at present and also given the economic climate
redevelopment is not likely to take place in the short term and may await further
development of the Core Strategy. So in practise this proposal is not likely to materially
affect the
timing of implementing the local plan employment allocation providing it keeps to
its intended programme.

Env2 relates to the Area of Restraint which much of the land required for the new line is
within the area north of the disused railway line (to be us
ed as the construction road) and up
to the Borough boundary. The new line will be predominately on a fairly high embankment
so it is going to adversely affect the open character and appearance of the area. It can
therefore be considered contrary to Env2. T
here are two mitigating factors

one is that over
time with a good environmental planning scheme it could be successfully integrated into the
countryside (as have a number of disused lines in the Borough) and secondly it will be seen
along side the existin
g rail infrastructure in the area with its overhead lines and structures.

There is no alternative to the proposal, it is not like a housing or other development which
could go on another piece of land it has to be sited in the position shown to get access

the WCML. However Network Rail did consider alternative construction arrangements but
those appear to be more disruptive, costly and involve more lorries. So current proposal
does appear to be the best solution.

Continued . . .


029700 continu
ed . . .

Environmental impacts have been properly considered in the Environmental Statement.
Environmental Health Officers are looking at the various aspects of that in terms of noise
and pollution and a verbal update will be given at the meeting.


will be some impact on individual properties particularly Lingfield Farm and Canal
Farm. Network Rail will work with the occupants to ensure impacts are controlled in terms of
duration and impact. The main general impact appears to be the significant incr
ease in lorry
movements using Mancetter Road and Tuttle Hill. Although the Environmental Statement
does not show a significant environmental consequence of that increase it will still have its
impact on the character and nature of traffic on those roads. B
ut that is only for a period of
just over a year.

Consultation with nearby residents was ongoing at the time of preparing this report so any
comments received will be added to an addendum sheet or if necessary reported verbally.

Much of the mitigation an
d controls required are covered in Network Rail’s ‘Contract

Environment’ which any successful contractor(s) will have to comply with.
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ev楤in捥映othe爠r牯re捴猠wou汤lappea爠ro⁤emons瑲t瑥⁣ n瑲t捴c牳ra牥rp琠瑯⁴he⁃剅 ⁁猠
a result the number of planning conditions required which need the Council’s involvement is
汩m楴id and⁴hene猠sha琠a牥⁳ugge獴sd⁩ ⁳ 捴楯n‷⁤o⁡ppea爠appro


乥kwo牫⁒a楬⁢e⁩ fo牭ed⁴ha琠瑨e⁰牯ro獡氠楳l捯n瑲t特⁴o⁰o汩捹⁅nv2f⁴he⁎ nea瑯n⁡nd
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瑨e⁳ heme⁴o⁩mp牯re⁲ 楬⁦牥楧h琠se牶楣敳if牯m⁆ 汩x獴swe⁰o牴⁴r 瑨e te獴s䍯a獴sja楮ii楮e
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the⁄eve汯lmen琠mlan⸠周e⁃oun捩c a汳漠a捣ep瑳t瑨a琠
env楲onmen瑡氠污nd獣sp楮i⁡nd m楴楧a瑩tn⁣ n⁢e⁣ 牲楥iu琠瑯⁨e汰⁩ 瑥g牡瑥⁴he⁳ heme
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qhe⁃ un捩c⁩猠捯nce牮ed⁷楴i⁴he⁩ pa
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on ca氠牯lds⁡nd⁴he 業pa捴⁴h楳⁷楬氠laven⁴he⁣ a牡捴e爠and envi牯rmen琠景爠re獩摥n瑳
f牯n瑩tg⁴he獥⁲ ad献s周e⁃ un捩c⁩猠 汳漠conce牮rd⁷楴io楳攠and po瑥n瑩t氠lo汬u瑩tn 瑯

䍯Cn捩c fee汳⁩琠楳⁶楴i氠瑨a琠the⁲ u瑩tg⁰污nⰠthe⁰牯ro獥d楴楧a瑩tn and⁣on瑲t氠mea獵牥r
獥琠ou琠楮i瑨e⁅nv楲onmen瑡氠p瑡temen琠a牥r晵l汹⁣ mp汩ed⁷楴i⁴h楳⁷i汬⁲ qu楲e⁣ 牥晵氠
ngf⁴he⁃剅 by⁎ 瑷o牫⁒a楬.

pub橥捴⁴o 瑨e⁰牯ro獥d⁃剅 and⁴he⁲ commended⁰污nn楮i⁣ nd楴楯i猠she⁃ un捩c⁲ 楳i猠