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Advances in Decision Sciences
Special Issue on
Intelligent Computational Tools for Routing in
Distribution Planning
Call for Papers
Intelligent computational tools to solve routing problems
that arise in distribution planning have become extremely
important in real-life decision making in logistics.Such
tools can have an enormous impact on the efficiency and
effectiveness of a company’s distribution planning at the
strategic,tactical,and operational levels.Logistics operations
have become increasingly complex,and efficient planning
therefore requires the use of appropriate intelligent com-
putational tools.A very important part of the distribution
planning process involves the scheduling of drivers and
vehicles,for which algorithms and software need to be
developed.Typically,there is a large gap between the
academic development of vehicle routing algorithms and
their intelligent use in practice,and consequently,in many
sectors,the use of intelligent computational tools is lagging
behind academic development.On the other hand,academic
research has not always been able to deliver the tools and
software required by practitioners in the field,focussing,
for example,on finding optimal solutions rather than on
building robust and effective algorithms.This special issue
will focus on the development and analysis of intelligent
computational tools for the planning of vehicle routes to
pick up or deliver goods fromcustomers or suppliers,which
are usable in a practical setting and can be implemented in
commercial planning software.Potential topics include,but
are not limited to:

The formulation of new and challenging distribution
planning problems

New intelligent computational tools

New metaheuristics

Soft computing tools in planning distribution

Expert systems,neural networks,and evolutionary

Innovative new algorithms for rich vehicle routing

Analysis of the factors influencing the performance of

Comparison of heuristic algorithms with exact

Estimation of the quality of solutions produced by
heuristic methods

Development and implementation of distribution
planning software
Before submission authors should carefully read over the
journal’s Author Guidelines,which are located at http://www
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thors should submit an electronic copy of their complete
manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking Sys-
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Manuscript Due
January 15,2011
First Round of Reviews
April 15,2011
Publication Date
July 15,2011
Lead Guest Editor
José André Moreno Pérez,Department of Statistics,
Operational Research and Computation Graduate Institute
of Regional Development,University of La Laguna,38207
La Laguna,Spain;jamoreno@ull.es
Guest Editors
José Luis González Velarde,Center for Quality and
Manufacturing,Monterrey Institute of Technology,
Günther Raidl,Institute of Computer Graphics and
Algorithms,Vienna University of Technology,Vienna,
Kenneth Sörensen,Faculty of Applied Economics,
University of Antwerp,2000 Antwerp,Belgium;
Hindawi Publishing Corporation