1st International Symposium

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1st International Symposium
Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services

Invited session Fast methods for intelligent image recognition
To design and implement flexible and intelligent machine vision and interactive multimedia systems, a
capability of performing the demanding tasks of image processing and pattern recognition becomes of
crucial importance. How can we define “intelligent” image recognition? It consists of the processing
algorithms that incorporate a considerable level of adaptability and ability of learning and inference.
Intelligence can also be introduced by users in the repeated interaction with different image processing
methods in attempts to tease out the structures, understand the meaning behind them, and assist the
machine learning process.
In this sense, a variety of intelligent image recognition approaches has been proposed, mostly based on
statistically gathered information. Their primary focus is accuracy, reliability, and robustness, whereas the
computational complexity is not always put forward. Slow responsiveness can hinder a proper human-
machine interaction significantly, in particular when (near) real-time applications are considered. And there
is a lot of such cases, as for example in medical environments, in entertainment, in tutoring systems, in web
services, etc. All these urge the need for fast processing methods.
This session entitled Fast methods for intelligent image recognition strives to encourage contributions
complying with any interpretation of the intelligence in different fields of image recognition. The emphasis is
on faster solutions, such as the optimised machine learning or inference, which can lead to a satisfactory
interaction between the system and its users.

Important Dates
Invited session Fast methods for intelligent image recognition

Submission of papers: Monday 4 February 2008

Notification of acceptance: Friday 29 February 2008

Publication files for final papers to be uploaded onto PROSE by: Friday 21 March 2008

Authors / Early registration: Monday 3 March 2008

Symposium: Wednesday 9 - Friday 11 July 2008
Paper Submission
Papers for IIMSS-08, Invited Session Fast methods for intelligent image recognition, should be prepared
following the instructions available on the Paper Submission
page of this web site.

Papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format using the PROSE Publication Review and
Organisation System available from the main menu. Email submissions are not acceptable. When papers
are submitted via PROSE the author is required to select the Invited Session IS07: Fast methods for
intelligent image recognition.