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A PostgreSQL/R Architecture for a Cognitive Assessment System
E.James Harner (Department of Statistics,West Virginia University)
Jun Tan,Hengyi Xue,and Lingyi Zheng
The Department of Statistics has been developing the infrastructure
for an Intelligent Distributed Environment for Adaptive Learning (IDEAL;
http://ideal.stat.wvu.edu) to teach introductory statistics and alge-
bra courses.An advanced cognitive assessment system is being built for
IDEAL that derives from Tatsuoka's Q-matrix theory,i.e.,cognitive skills
will be associated with a large number of questions which the student
must answer during the semester.Hierarchical Bayesian models for doing
formative assessment will be built on Junker's DINA and NIDA conjunc-
tive discrete cognitive-attribute models for task performance.Student
scores will be stored in a PostgreSQL database.The assessment models
will be built using R,which will be embedded within PostgreSQL.Cog-
nitive assessment update requests to PostgreSQL will be passed to R for
processing and the results will be returned to the database for student
and instructor Web-based access.