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Thank you to share your requirement with us.

We are a software development company with immense experience in

, SQL, Web Design.

We specialize in Portals/Web Application/Website development, Mobile/ERP/CRM applications and
manual/automated testing. In terms of technology, we work on PHP, Java, .Net, CMS & Ruby on Rails.
We also provide ERP & CRM consulting.

In terms of development

methodologies, we believe in direct visibility to client and shorter feedback
loops to ensure timely delivery and hence we follow Agile Scrum methodology. We provide staging
servers, SCM and Project Management (
) tools for free to all of our clients to
accomplish project delivery.

Please find few applications that we have worked on in the recent past. Also we would be more than
happy to demonstrate any of these applications in further details.


Applications (Java/J2EE/Eclipse/Struts/JSF/GWT/RichFaces/Hibernate/Spring/MyBatis)


GemSimple : An ERP system developed specifically for jewelry industry.


GWT : Migration of various Swing based application to Google Web Toolkit (GWT).


PMStudio: ht
consulting.com/pdf/analytic/Brochure%20for%20PM%20Studio.pdf This
solution uses MyBatis and integration with RevoDeployR to enable an analytic engine over the web.


PrismHealth: This is a solution built in Struts and has submission modules

for C
32 and C

What we offer and bring to table

Experienced technical team

Project Manager
, with great English communication skills, who would be interfacing with you
over Skype or preferred communication medium on regular basis.

, who would make sure code is in great shape.

Project Management Tool
, for complete visibility of tasks, tracking of documents, bugs etc.

Development Server
, where changes will be uploaded on regular basis, for you to view

development method

Please let us know when can we discuss this opportunity in the greater details.

Looking forward for your positive reply.



Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.