db4objects Releases 7.0 Version of Leading Open Source Object Database

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db4objects Releases 7.0 Version of Leading Open
Source Object Database

Native Transparent Activation Further Enhances Ease of Use and Efficiency for Java and .Net Developers

SAN MATEO, Calif., November 13, 2007

db4objects (www.db4o.com), creator of the leading open source
object database for Java a
nd .NET, has announced availability of a development (beta) release of version 7.0
of db4o. The new version features Transparent Activation, which makes it even easier than before to retrieve
data objects of any complexity in db4o with only one line of cod
e while bolstering db4o's performance lead
over incumbents such as Hibernate, relational or non
native object databases. The current release supports
native Transparent Activation for Java and db4o collections, a .NET version is planned for December and
ull support for all collection types in Q1/08.

"This major enhancement of the db4o database makes it easier than ever for developers to work with
complex object graphs," said Rodrigo de Olivera, lead at the db4o Project Steering Committee. "Just like
le don't like to bother with a manual shift and choose automatic transmission for their cars, Transparent
Activation offers a seamless way to work with db4o without having to know what's going on under the hood.
You can focus on your application's function
ality while db4o makes sure your object model is always

ready for action."

In version 7.0, db4o automatically detects the activation depth of object graphs thereby only loading the
absolute minimum from disk, which consumes less memory and boosts performa
nce. Unlike
implementations with highly abstracted data architectures such as Hibernate, other object
relational solutions
or non
native object databases, db4o's embedded Java and .NET engine can leverage Transparent Activation
natively to bolster its lea
d of up to 44x faster performance. Since developers no longer need to manually
define the activation depth of the objects they are manipulating, storing or retrieving, they can significantly
slash development time.

"Our application makes use of some lar
ge and complex object
graphs,” said Joseph Duda of Nexidia, a
leading vendor of speech recognition software based in Atlanta, GA. “For Nexidia, Transparent Activation
will reduce

the active memory footprint of the application as well as reduce launch time
s and other graph
loading costs at runtime.

The implementation of Transparent Activation as well as a host of minor enhancements to version 7.0 is
driven by db4o's community of nearly 30,000 Java and .NET developers, the world's largest of its kind.

anks to the collaborative, open source development model, db4objects put object databases back onto the
map and makes db4o a mandatory candidate for every innovative Java or .NET system architect, especially
when it comes to embedded or mobile software app

Registered users of db4o can download the software from the db4o developer site at
. A beta .NET

version of the software is planned
for December and a production ready release is expected in the first quarter of 2008 upon approval from the
developer community.

About db4objects, Inc

db4objects, Inc (www.db4o.com) provides db4o, the world's most pop
ular object database, native to Java and
.NET and available under open source and commercial licenses. With some 30,000 registered community
members and well over one million downloads, db4o is used in a broad array of industries around the globe.
s include the world's most innovative companies, including Boeing, Bosch, Ricoh, and Seagate.
db4objects is based in San Mateo, California, and backed by noted Silicon Valley luminaries including Mark
Leslie, founding CEO of Veritas; Jerry Fiddler, foundin
g CEO of Wind River; Vinod Khosla, founding CEO
of Sun Microsystems as well as Palo Alto
based Asset Management venture firm.

Press and analyst contacts: press@db4o.com