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SQLite in Tcl in SQLite

A Tcl/Tk script for displaying and maintaining
an SQLite database, stored in an SQLite


Presentation Overview

How the project started

What its goals have been

Early version

Evolution: tkTable, storing script in SQLite, etc.

Bootup summary

Past and future

Potential users and licensing

Live demonstration

GEB: (evolving) Design Goals

Reduce dependence on proprietary s/w and data
formats (MS Access, dBase n)

Convenient scripting language, run on Linux and

Develop single package for all my needs

View table/column names

View and edit table contents

Store/edit/execute Tcl/SQL code in the database

Store the program itself in the database

Add functions as the need arises (ongoing)

GEB: Design Drivers

Develop incrementally

Keep data safe

Show generated SQL before COMMITting

Disallow many combinations of Alter Table
functions in a single pass

Accept slower screen updates

Easy to use

Minimize bootstrap

GEB: Pre
Tktable (top)

GEB: Pre
Tktable (bottom)

GEB: Alter Table

GEB: Pre
Tktable (edittable)

GEB: Change to Tktable

Driven by desire to improve looks

Each table is editable, in its own window

Solved potential problem of displaying large

Each cell entry value from an individual SELECT

Safe but slower

Neither specific potential problem nor iron
bulletproofing has been found

GEB: Main window

GEB: Table Display

GEB: Stand
alone Functions

Convert between v2 and v3 file formats

Import table from or export table to delimited file

First row can be column names or data

Imported data can have variable number of

Import db element from or export db element to
text file (like ONECOLUMN method)

Execute a single line of SQL or Tcl


GEB: Decision to Put showtable in
Database File

Inspired by the “Database as Program” section
of DRH's “SQLite and Tcl” paper, but not an
implementation of it

I wanted to put a functional block (the chief proc
for a function and its supporting proc's) in one

Can't put header and body in separate columns

Outside function can't call support proc unless its
functional block is known to have been loaded

GEB: Impacts of Putting showtable in
Database File

ATTACH capability became mandatory

If only one file can be displayed/edited, that one slot
can't be taken up by the displaying program itself

Redo data arrays as 2D (attach name and original

Had to implement editor

Searching routine needed to look at all Tcl tables

Find matching brackets, braces, and parentheses

Replace and Replace All, with and without
confirmation required

Check for infinite loop

GEB: editruntcl

GEB: search

GEB: Bootstrap

package require Tk; package require Tktable; console show

# Create namespace for all "globals" and procs

namespace eval ::GEB {}

load /sqlite/tclsqlite3.dll

load /sqlite/tclsqlite.dll

set dbfile showtable.sq3

sqlite3 sq $dbfile

set ::GEB::attachfilename(main) $dbfile

proc evalsqlitetcl table {

uplevel #0 [join [sq eval "select tcl from $table limit 1"]]


evalsqlitetcl main_attach


# attachit s2008 /irisdata/2008symp/2008symp.sq3

GEB: main_attach Overview

Read in core routines

Those needed before “unknown” is set up

Set up window and arrays for main file

Table names, columns in each table, etc.

Extend “unknown” proc handler to look in
database file

If a table with the name of the needed proc exists,
load it

If the loading defines the proc, execute it

Otherwise, exec original “unknown” handler

GEB: Summary of Development

Amazingly few gotchas considering my level of
knowledge of Tcl/Tk/SQLite when I started

It often took longer to decide what I wanted to
do and how I wanted it to work than to
implement it.

A very useful tool. For me. It fits my way of
thinking. But for others it may be too

GEB: Future Plans

Allow wildcards in searches

Allow editing a development version while
executing stable version (row vs column)

Switch to Tile

Implement full text search support

Facilitate displays of views


GEB: Potential Users

One extreme: Tcl developer who does not care
about SQLite

Conceivable, but many more facilities available

Other extreme: SQLite user who does not care
about Tcl

Slightly more reasonable, but again, other tools

Happy medium: User with some data and some
scripts, who wants to keep and use them

GEB: Licensing

Intended to be released to Public Domain

(It would feel wrong to be more restrictive than
SQLite itself)

SQLite blessing or equivalent:

May you do good and not evil

May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others

May you share freely, never taking more than you give

Further development encouraged, especially if
kept public

Support available
inquire within

Gerry Snyder