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M A R C H/A P R I L 2 0 0 7, I s s U e n o. 2
This unique book provides much-
needed coverage of the PMBOK (Project
Management Body of Knowledge)
objectives and certification exam, using
the unique and highly effective Head
First learning concept. Going beyond
answers to specific questions,
Head First

teaches underlying concepts so that
anyone can understand the PMBOK
principles and pass the certification exam
with flying colors.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• the next Head first best seller!
• PmP books are nearing $3 million in 2006
-- a big market with only a few key titles
• Content and price add up to a category-
killing combination
• experienced authors team up with our
Head first editorial team and produce the
best PmP book on the market
Head First PMP
By andrew stellman & Jennifer Greene
ISBN: 9780596102340
$49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
March 2007
688 pgs
Shelving: Project Management
User Level: Beginners aiming for careers in
software project management and experi
enced PMPs.
Will Sell Like: 0596007124,
Head First Design

WHAt’s neW
• Understanding MySQL Internals
• Linux System Administration
• Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide
• A+, Network+, Security+ Exams
in a Nutshell
• Ajax on Java
WHAt’s Hot
HAt’s Hot
• Head First PMP
• Programming WCF Services
• Windows Vista: The Missing Manual
• Mac OS X Tiger: The Missing Manual
• Photoshop Elements 5:
The Missing Manual

i N tHe SPotli GHt
Written by members of the Apollo product
team and produced as part of the co-publication
partnership between O’Reilly and the Adobe
Developer Library, this book is the first official
guide to the revolutionary new product from
Adobe Labs.
Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers
Pocket Guide
explains how to build and deploy
Flash-based Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
to the desktop using Adobe’s Flex framework --
and why web developers will want to. The book
explains concisely how Apollo works, and offers
plenty of examples for Flex developers who want
to start building RIAs for the desktop.

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• the official book on apollo, written by adobe
• Part of the o’reilly/adobe developer library co-
publication partnership
• a step-by-step guide for building rIas for the
desktop with flex
• explains why rIas -- now limited by web
browser functionality -- will thrive in a desktop
• adobe will be promoting the book and the
technology heavily -- priming the pump by
giving the book away as a promotional tool to
members of the development community
• the perfect format for early adopters who don’t
want to wade through a huge book in order to
play with an intriguing new technology
• a perfect impulse buy for flex developers
Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket
By mike Chambers, rob dixon & Jeff swartz
March 2007
$14.99 US, $19.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596513917
138 pgs
Shelving: Web Development
Will Sell Like:

ActionScript for
Flash MX Pocket Reference
This concise guide offers study material for
three CompTIA certification exams: the A+
exam for computer service technicians, the
Network + exam for networking professionals,
and the Security + exam for security technicians.
Complete with material covering the new
A+ 2006 exam, this book is an ideal way for
beginners to prepare for the exams, and useful
for experienced professionals who need to certify
themselves for career enhancement or changing
job requirements.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Book market for these exams is $2.5 million in
• Covers 3 exams in one book-- an outstanding
• Comprehensive and concise
• Covers the new a+ 2006 exam
A+, network+, security+ exams in a nutshell
By Pawan K. Bhardwaj
March 2007
$54.99 US $71.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596528249
812 pgs
Shelving: A+ / Certification
User Level: Experienced
Will Sell Like:

MCSE Core Required
Exams in a Nutshell

i N tHe SPotli GHt
With the XQuery 1.0 language, database
developers finally have a tool that will make it
much easier to exchange information between
XML and relational data sources. This in-depth
tutorial not only walks them through the
XQuery specification, but also teaches them
how to program with this widely-anticipated
language. . Readers will discover how to apply
all of these tools to a wide variety of data
sources, and how to recombine information
from multiple sources into a single final output
also delves into critical advanced
issues such as data typing and designing efficient
query logic.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• whether database developers are coming
from sQl, Xslt, or starting from scratch, they
will learn about XQuery’s support for filtering,
sorting, and grouping data, as well as how to use
flwr expressions, XPath, and XQuery tools for
extracting and combining information
• Not an abstract perspective or broken quickstart
book like other titles that were published before
the 1.0 standard was made final.
• author is a well-known trainer who has
written the leading book on Xml schema and
participated in the development of XQuery
By Priscilla walmsley
March 2007
$49.99 US $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596006341
510 pgs
Shelving: XML / Administration
User Level: Intermediate to
Advanced database administrators
Will Sell Like:

XSLT Cookbook
Linux System Administration
faces squarely the
serious task of maintaining a Linux system in
a production environment, a task that requires
detailed attention to security, good trouble-
shooting abilities, and a knowledge of standard
services such as email, the web, directory
services, and file sharing.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Gets the user up and running quickly with a
powerful server, then proceeds to advanced
topics in security, virtualization, and other
common requirements in modern firms
• written by a linux insider and frequent o’reilly
Network blogger
• will be announced to 17,000 newsletter
• author speaks at osCoN and linuxworld
Linux system Administration
By tom adelstein & Bill lubanovic
March 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596009526
296 pgs
Shelving: Linux
User Level: Intermediate to
Advanced system administrators
Will Sell Like:

LDAP System

i N tHe SPotli GHt
Programming Firefox
is the essential guide
to building user interfaces and rich internet
applications using the Cross Platform
Component (XPCOM) library from the Mozilla
Foundation. . Author Kenneth Feldt uses his
years of experience in XUL development to give
programmers a comprehensive look at XUL’s
capabilities, from simple interface design to
complex multi-tier applications with real-time
operations. Developers from Java and .NET
environments will be amazed at how quickly
large-scale applications can be constructed with
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Covers a unique and growing development topic
• as both an in-depth tutorial and programmer’s
reference, this book provides the groundwork
developers need to build applications with Xul,
the Xml user Interface language
• will be marketed to 15,000 newsletter
subscribers and promoted at osCoN
Programming Firefox
By Kenneth C. feldt
April 2007
$59.99 US, $77.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596102432
511 pgs
Shelving: Web programming
User Level: Intermediate to
Advanced web developers
Will Sell Like:

Python & XML
Written by a former member of the MySQL
Development Team,
Understanding MySQL

takes the reader on a tour of the latest
version, MySQL 5, showing developers and
DBAs how to figure out the inner workings
of this popular open source database project.
Understanding MySQL Internals
will help anyone
who uses MySQL reach a whole new level of
comprehension regarding database development.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• readers will learn how data structures and
convenience functions operate, how to add new
storage engines and configuration options, and
much more.
• written by a mysQl insider
• will be promoted at the upcoming o’reilly
mysQl users conference
• will be announced to over 25,000 newsletter
• mysQl is a small but stable category according
to Bookscan, performing in 2006 at almost
exactly the same sales level as 2005
Understanding MysQL Internals
By sasha Pachev
April 2007
$49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596009571
254 pgs
Shelving: Database
User Level: Intermediate to
Advanced developers
Will Sell Like:

MySQL in a Nutshell

i N tHe SPotli GHt
office 2007: the Missing Manual
By Chris Grover, matthew macdonald, & e. a. Vander Veer
April 2007
$34.99 US, $45.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596514228
879 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Microsoft office applica
User Level: Intermediate Java
Will Sell Like:

Excel 2007: The
Missing Manual
The definitive, most comprehensive guide to
creating rich media applications with Adobe
Flex 2. As part of the Adobe Developer Library,
this title is integral to Adobe’s continued
strategic push for 1 million Flex developers, and
for Flash to be its own platform and operating
system, dependent on neither Windows nor OS
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• authoring team strongly endorsed by adobe
• will benefit from additional exposure under
adobe developer library co-branding
• adobe promotes flex as a key development
• with all the power of a sophisticated runtime
environment, cross platform development, and
a powerful programming language (actionscript
3.0) the possibilities with flex 2 are nearly
Programming Flex 2
By Chafic Kazoun & Joey lott
April 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780596526894
502 pgs
Shelving: Flash/Web development
User Level: Flash developers
Will Sell Like:

Essential ActionScript
Office 2007: The Missing Manual
is written for
people who want to start using all the major
Office applications right away. Microsoft has
completely redesigned each program’s user
interface, banishing the familiar menus, and
replacing them with a new tabbed toolbar
(or “ribbon”). Other changes include a “live
preview” feature that lets users quickly test
out formatting changes, and a slew of new file
formats. But one thing that Microsoft hasn’t
improved is its documentation. This book helps
readers learn the ins and outs of Word 2007,
Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Access
2007. With this book at their side, readers
will be creating text documents, spreadsheets,
presentations, and databases in no time.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• four books in one -- with primers on word, excel,
PowerPoint and access
• an amalgam of office 2007 missing manual
titles, which are selling briskly after 1 month
• Great way to master all 4 programs without
having to buy a shelf-load of books
• Covers the basics for using these programs in a
step-by-step format
• Carries the recognizable missing manual brand
that consumers trust

i N tHe SPotli GHt
As experience with Ajax increases, developers
want the standard Ajax capabilities they
repeatedly use to be preprogrammed for
them--and that’s exactly what Ajax libraries do
for them. They reduce the pain of handling
cross-browser inconsistencies, they add useful
language features, and provide sophisticated
functionality. Of these, Prototype is the most
popular JavaScript and Ajax framework for low-
level user interface features such as animation,
drag and drop, and pre-built widgets. Together,
they free the developer up to concentrate on
building the application. They make a rich user
experience easy to achieve.
This book guides the reader through the
Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries feature-
by-feature. In just 350 pages, readers will find
over 100 small working examples to help them
explore the libraries. As well, they will develop a
web-based image gallery that teacher them how
to use Prototype and Scriptaculous in the real-
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• Is a next step in the evolution of ajax
• over 100 working examples plus a full-scale
image gallery project-complete with slideshow
• shows how to build better ajax applications
faster by using pre-built features in the Prototype
and scriptaculous libraries
• Covers Prototype on rails.
• Coauthored by manning’s star ajax author, dave
• foreword by the creator of scriptaculous,
thomas fuchs
Prototype & scriptaculous in Action
By dave Crane, Bear Bibeault with tom locke
March 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
ISBN: 9781933988030
544 pgs
Shelving: Web development/Ajax
Will Sell Like:

Ruby for Rails
Imagine taking a C++-based program you’ve
been using for a decade and giving it a snazzy
new interface using Windows Presentation
Foundation. How about making your old
business applications talk to your new ones
using Windows Communication Foundation.
C++/CLI makes this--and more--possible. C++/
CLI in Action shows you how to bridge the gap
between your existing C++ code and the .NET
platform. C++/CLI in Action will help you if:
You’re hesitant to migrate to .NET because it
means rewriting code in C# or VB.
You have significant C++ expertise that you
want to leverage in the .NET.
You only need to use pieces of the .NET
framework, such as Windows Forms or web
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• C++ is everywhere. C++/ClI is the key to
extending the life of that code.
• C++ developers want to use .Net without
moving to C# of VB.
• C++/ClI is an open standard but is fully
supported by microsoft tools.
• this book is concise, practical, and to-the-point.
C++/CLI in Action
By Nishant sivakumar
April 2007
$49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
ISBN: 9781932394818
416 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Microsoft Visual C++
Will Sell Like:

WXPython in Action

i N tHe SPotli GHt
EJB 3 is the most important innovation
introduced in Java EE 5.0. EJB 3 simplifies
enterprise development, abandoning the
complex EJB 2.x model in favor of a lightweight
POJO framework. The new API represents a
fresh perspective on EJB without sacrificing
the mission of enabling business application
developers to create robust, scalable, standards-
based solutions.
EJB 3 in Action
is a fast-paced tutorial, geared
toward helping you learn EJB 3 and the
Java Persistence API quickly and easily. For
newcomers to EJB, this book provides a solid
foundation in EJB. For the developer moving
to EJB 3 from EJB 2, this book addresses the
changes both in the EJB API and in the way the
developer should approach EJB and persistence.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• eJB version 3, new and much improved, is
gaining in popularity among Java developers
• this book offers a simple, hands-on approach to
eJB 3
• written from the ground-up to be an eJB 3 book
• useful for novice and experienced developers
eJB 3 in Action
By debu Panda, reza rahman & derek lane
April 2007
$44.99 US, $58.99 CAN
Short Discount
ISBN: 9781933988344
712 pgs
Shelving: Java
Audience: Intermediate Java
Will Sell Like:

Hibernate in Action
The Internet is bigger and better than what
a mere browser allows.
Webbots, Spiders,


Screen Scrapers
is for developers and business
managers looking to unlock the competitive
advantages of nontraditional online approaches.
The book first outlines the deficiencies
of browsers, and then explains how these
deficiencies can be exploited in the design and
deployment of task-specific webbots. Readers
will learn how to write stealthy webbots
that read email, emulate online forms, auto-
authenticate, manage cookies, and handle
encryption. Sample projects reinforce these
new skills so that readers can create more
sophisticated webbots and spiders to track
online prices, create anonymous browing
environments, bid on auctions in their closing
moments, and more.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• scarcity of information available about
designing, developing, and deploying webbots
• rapidly growing market for developing
automated web agents
• Provides inexperienced programmers code to
use and study, and gives more advanced readers
ideas for further exploration
Webbots, spiders and screen scrapers
By michael schrenk
March 2007
$39.95 US, $49.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781593271206
328 pgs
Shelving: Programming
Audience: All Levels
Will Sell Like:

Spidering Hacks

i N tHe SPotli GHt
Designing BSD Rootkits
introduces the
fundamentals of programming and developing
rootkits under the FreeBSD operating system.
In addition to explaining rootkits and rootkit
writing, the book aims to inspire readers to
explore the FreeBSD kernel and gain a better
understanding of the kernel and the FreeBSD
operating system itself. Unlike titles on
exploit writing or how to gain root access to
a system,
Designing BSD Rootkits
focuses on
maintaining root access long after gaining access
to a computer. Written in a friendly, accessible
style and sprinkled with geek humor and pop
culture references, the author favors a “learn by
example” approach that assumes no prior kernel
hacking experience.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• first book to approach rootkits from an open
source, freeBsd-centric perspective
• rootkits are an essential component of cyber
• Covers the most popular rootkit techniques
Designing BsD Rootkits
By Joseph Kong
April 2007
$29.95 US, $37.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781593271428
152 pgs
Shelving: Computer Security
Audience: Intermediate to
Will Sell Like:

Silence on the Wire
Modern appliances are complex machines, with
processors, operating systems, and application
software. For example, the Tivo is essentially a
Linux-based computer with a single purpose:
recording television. While there are books that
tell readers how to run Linux on embedded
hardware and books on how to build a Linux
Linux Appliance Design
is the first
book to demonstrate how to merge the two
to create a Linux appliance. Programmers will
learn how to build backend daemons, handle
asynchronous events, and connect various
user interfaces (including web, framebuffers,
infared control, SNMP, and front panels) to
these processes for remote configuration and
Linux Appliance Design
also introduces
the Runtime Access Protocol, which provides
a uniform mechanism for user interfaces to
communicate with daemons. The accompanying
CD includes a prototype appliance - a home
alarm system - that supports the book’s lessons.
The prototype is written using a liberal BSD
style license, which allows readers to use and
modify the code used in the prototype.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• linux is quickly replacing traditional embedded
operating systems as the os of choice for such
• only book to focus specifically on linux
• authors have created commercially successful
products and show readers how to do the same
Linux Appliance Design
By Bob smith, John Hardin, Graham Phillips & Bill Pierce
April 2007
$59.95 US, $74.95 CAN
Short Discount
ISBN: 9781593271404
384 pgs
Shelving: Linux
Audience: Intermediate to Advanced
Will Sell Like:

Building Embedded
Linux Systems, O’Reilly Media

i N tHe SPotli GHt
The No Fluff, Just Stuff Symposium Series
is a traveling conference series for software
developers visiting 27 cities a year. No Fluff has
put on over 75 symposia throughout the U.S.
and Canada, with more than 12,000 attendees
so far. Its success has been a result of focusing
on high quality technical presentations, great
speakers, and no marketing hype. Now this
world-class material is available to you in print
for the first time.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• unique gathering of authors and topics
• In-depth exploration of advanced topics
• widely diverse, ranging from current technology,
the past, and the future
• written by experienced industry veterans
no Fluff, Just stuff Anthology: the 2007
Compiled by Neal ford
April 2007
$32.95 US, $42.95 CAN
ISBN: 9780978739287
250 pgs
Shelving: Programming
User Level: All Users
Will Sell Like: 9780977616664,
No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology: The
2006 Edition
“Feature complete” is not the same as
“production ready.”
Whether it’s in Java, .NET, or Ruby on Rails,
getting your application ready to ship is only
half the battle. Did you design your system to
survive a “Slashdotting”? Or an influx of real
world customers from 100 different countries?
If you’re a developer and don’t want to wear
a pager for the rest of your life, this book will
Enterprise Engineering shows you how to design
and architect your application for the harsh
realities it will face. You can avoid the pitfalls
that cause typical enterprise applications to
show uptime in the “four eights” instead of the
fabled “five nines.” You’ll learn how to design
your application for maximum uptime and

KeY seLLInG PoInts
• fills the gap between software development
and Information technology
• real-world, practical focus resonates with
• applies to .Net, Java and ruby on rails systems
• 80% of project lifecycle costs come from
production issues, yet relatively few books
address this topic
Release It!
By michael t Nygard
April 2007
$34.95 US, $45.95 CAN
ISBN: 9780978739218
326 pgs
Shelving: Programming
User Level: Intermediate
Will Sell Like: 0974514047,

Ship It!: A Practical Guide to
Successful Software Projects
1 0
i N tHe SPotli GHt
Close-up photography is one of the most
fascinating areas in photography. This illustrated
guide will take the reader on a journey into the
wonderful world of small, smaller, and smallest
objects and show him how he can capture their
beauty with photographic images. Each step
of the way will be carefully explained; how to
choose the right equipment, how to use ambient
light or create artificial lighting, and how to
conceptualize and frame the perfect shot.
Whereas the nature photographer is exploring
facets and structures in his environment, the
“table top photographer” is trying to shoot
a small object, a product, or a small treasure
for display on the web (e.g., eBay) or in print.
Here, the choice of the appropriate lighting and
backdrop, and the creative use of the camera’s
features are key to a perfect image.
Cyrill Harnischmacher explains all aspects of
close-up shooting for both inside the studio,
as well as outdoors. This book is filled with
beautifully illustrated examples and detailed
instructions on how to set up a system and
workflow for successful close-up photography.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• a beautifully illustrated and designed book
which guides the photographer into the
fascinating field of close-up photography.
• technically sound and compact; motivating style.
• Includes table-top photography (eBay, product
shots) as well as close-up nature photography.
Closeup shooting
By Cyrill Harnischmacher
April 2007
$24.95 US, $32.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781933952093
132 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Photography
Audience: Intermediate to
Advanced Photographers &
Will Sell Like:

Digital Nature Photography
Closeup by Jon Cox, Amphoto
The serious amateur photographer often faces
the problem that even after all the dollars
spent on camera, lenses, computer gear, and
software, the spending never seems to end.
More gear is needed for studio photography,
tabletop photography, flash photography, and
for accessories here and there. And in many
cases, the right accessories are not even available.
That is where this book comes in.
Low Budget

is the one-stop source where you will
find instructions and a shopping list on how
to build an array of useful and inexpensive
photographic tools.
Filled with full-color images and easy-to-follow
text, this book shows how to build essential
lighting and studio equipment; how to make
the perfect light-table for shooting small objects;
and how to build reflectors, soft-boxes, and
light-tents that really work. It also tells where
to get some of the little helpers that make a
photographer’s life so much easier. This clever
little book is a creative and valuable resource for
most any photographer.
KeY seLLInG PoInts
• No other book like this on the market
• In the tradition of the “make” approach
• loaded with full-color images
• easy to follow instructions on where to buy and
how to build essential photographic accessories
• a clever and fun book==
Low Budget shooting
By Cyrill Harnischmacher
April 2007
$19.95 US, $25.95 CAN
ISBN: 9781933952109
72 pgs (est.)
Shelving: Photography
User Level: Intermediate to
Advanced Photographers &
1 1
BooK cHaNGeS aND oUt- oF-Pri Nt i NFormati oN
tItLe CHAnGes
MAnnInG tItLe CHAnGe:
Prototype and Scriptaculous in
Was: Prototype and Scriptaculous

o’ReILLY tItLe CHAnGes:
aDo.Net  cookbook, e
Was: ADO.NET 3.0 Cookbook, 2E
apollo for adobe Flex Developers
Pocket Guide
Was: Apollo Pocket Guide for Adobe
Flex Developers
Dreamweaver cS expert answers
Was: Title D Expert Answers
Dreamweaver cS: the missing
Was: Title D: The Missing Manual
Filemaker Pro X: the missing
Was: FileMaker Pro 9: The Missing
Flash cS expert answers
Was: Title F Expert Answers
Flash cS: the missing manual
Was: Title F: The Missing Manual
Flex X cookbook
Was: Flex 2.0 Cookbook
Flex X User interface Design &
Was: Flex 2.0 User Interface Design
& Development
learning actionScript .0
Was: Learning ActionScript 3.0
learning Dreamweaver cS
Was: Title D Digital Classroom
learning Flash Digital classroom
Was: Title F Digital Classroom
learning illustrator cS
Was: Title I Digital Classroom
learning inDesign cS
Was: Title ID Digital Classroom
learning Photoshop cS
Was: Title P Digital Classroom
Photoshop cS expert answers
Was: Title P Expert Answers
Photoshop cS one-on-one
Was: Title P One-on-One
Photoshop cS raW
Was: Photoshop RAW
Photoshop cS: the missing
Was: Title P: The Missing Manual
manage it!: your Guide to modern,
Pragmatic Project management
Was: Successful Project Management:
Modern, Pragmatic Techniques that
Prototype and Scriptaculous in

Was: $39.99 US, $51.99 CAN
Now: $49.99 US, $64.99 CAN
no stARCH PRICe CHAnGes:
Designing BSD rootkits: an
introduction to Kernel Hacking

Was: $27.95 US, $34.95 CAN
Now: $29.95 US, $37.95 CAN
CAnCeLLeD tItLes
Shell Script Pearls

o’ReILLY CAnCeLLeD tItLes:
cSS Hacks

Head First algebra

memory Hacks

oUt oF PRInt tItLes
o’ReILLY oUt oF PRInts:
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print announcement date of

march 1, 00
& an out-of-print
effective date of July 1, 00
Porting Unix Software

the following titles have an out-of-
print announcement date of

april 1, 00
& an out-of-print effec
tive date of august 1, 00
Building Secure Servers with linux

creating effective JavaHelp

oracle Parallel Processing

oracle Security

oracle SQl: the essential

UNiX System Programming for
System Vr

Windows 000 active Directory

Windows Nt tcP/iP User

Windows Nt User administration

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as contact and ordering
information, our co-op and
discount policies, advertising
guidelines, and more.
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For all orders, returns, and inquiries, our
reseller partners in Canada need

to contact Fraser Direct for imprints

from O’Reilly, Paraglyph, Pragmatic
Bookshelf, Syngress, SitePoint, PC
Publishing, and Manning:
Fraser Direct

100 Armstrong Avenue

Georgetown, ON, L7G 5S4 Canada

Attn: Cheri Faulkner

905-877-4411, Ext. 265

toll free 866-491-0166
For review copies, please continue to go
through your sales representative.
For inquiries about imprints from No
Starch Press (Canada only), contact:
Jacqueline Gross & Associates, Inc.

Publishers’ Representatives

One Atlantic Avenue, Ste. 105

Toronto, ON, M6K 3E7 Canada

Phone: 416-531-4941/6737

Fax: 416-531-4259
For No Starch order fulfillment and
returns, contact:
Jaguar Book Group

100 Armstrong Avenue

Georgetown, ON, L7G 5S4 Canada

Phone: 905-877-4483

Fax: 905-877-4410
(Please visit retail.oreilly,com for more
information regarding our return