Essential Business Process Modeling

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Emerging Technology

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

Team 1


Kevin Gravesande,

Steve Kim,

Rasal Mowla,

Al Resptrepo,

Carlos Thomas, and

Scott Weaver


Web services can facilitate seamless
business integration

The business process execution language for
web services (BPEL) is a standard for
business process and integration protocols for
web services

The objective of these technologies is to
automate process execution across people
and systems


The BPEL specification was written by Microsoft, IBM, and BEA

BPEL processes consist of web services definition language
(WSDL) and BPEL files

BPEL process can define a set of variables and pass those
variables as inputs
outputs to web services

Processes can be bound to the input of a inbound activity,
output of a synchronous invoke & assigned a value with the
assign activity

Use Case ~ Travel Agency




Use Case ~ Financial Institution


Use Case ~ Financial Transaction




BEA's Weblogic stack

BEA's WebLogic Workshop

process design editor


The NetBeans BPEL editor.

How BPEL Works

First, a recap of the Loan Scenario

Traditional Method

A client visits a loan officer at the loan office

Loan officer gathers information

Loan officer searches for best loan available

Contacts client

Intermediate Step

Offer loan requests online


only gathering of information is

How BPEL Works

BPEL automates the whole process

Accepts the client request

Forms a request to financial institutions

Waits for responses

Picks the best offer

Crafts a reply to the client.

How BPEL Works

The Building
of Phase

The design,
development, and

Developers and
Business Analysts

Graphic tools (i.e. plug
in for Eclipse)

Full blown stand alone
environment such as
Oracle’s BPEL
Process Manager

How BPEL Works

The Building
of Phase

How BPEL Works

The Execution
of Phase

Consists of a BPEL Server, contains

the business process definitions

a Web Services framework

the BPEL execution engine

Clients access the system through the Client

Other institutions access services through
Partner Services

Building a Business Process

BPEL uses Web services Definition Language

A BPEL process consists of defined steps;
each step is called an ”activity.”

BPEL supports primitive

<invoke>, <receive>, <reply>, <assign>, <throw>

as well as structure activities

<sequence>, <flow>, <switch>, <while>, <pick>

BPEL process also defines

defines partner links, using <partnerLink>

declares variables, using <variable>

BPEL Specification

BPEL4WS is layered on top of several XML
specifications: WSDL 1.1, XML Schema 1.0,
and XPath1.0.

BPEL4WS does the followings:

defines a model and a grammar for describing the
behavior of a business process

defines an interoperable integration model

introduces systematic mechanisms for dealing
with business exceptions and processing faults.