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113 εμφανίσεις | Buy 555 stainless steel cookware Singapore at Ang Lee Seng. We provide an extensive range of high quality cookware products including cooking pot, non-stick pan singapore, cury pot & induction cookware singapore.

Induction Cookware Singapore
Aiming at providing the best and wholly reliable
range of
Induction Cookware Singapore
that are
obviously induction friendly and safe for cooking.
The best part is it includes the best material which
is capable to overcome the harm that high
temperature can do to the product and therefore the
products that are made here are completely
stainless steel based and secure to use and handle.
The products made with the Stainless steel by us are induction safe which makes
cooking really easy and rapid than the normal cooking over gas stove. These
induction cookware are dishwasher safe and easy to clean and sanitize.
Highly versatile nature of the products and their
capability of serving for more than 3 individuals in
a family. Induction Cookware Singapore by us
have a long lasting shine and high durability which
ensures that the product stays with your family for
longer than enough and serves you with
consistency. The lid that is included along with the
cookware is made of tempered glass which has
steam vent with it.
The surface of the
Induction Cookware Singapore

are hygienic, since they have a non-porous surface
material. Grip of every material is made of silicon,
which is easy to handle and cook. The polishing of
every induction material is done with the aim of
giving it a shiny yet clear finish.
Some secure measures to ensure the durability of the product are:
• Avoid heating up when pan is empty
• Do not use steel scrubber for cleaning to avoid scratches
• Keep cookware away from children
• Always wash your cookware with a non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild detergent.
Never use chlorine cleansers or bleach as they could blur the shiny layer of the
cookware. Keep dry after wash.
• Do not allow salty or acidic foods to remain on cookware for long periods of time

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