Ceramic Pan Singapore

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http://angleeseng.com.sg/amark-chef-delight-colours-non-stick-ceramic-frying-pan | High-quality black clay pan offers superb heat resistance up to 400oC.Suitable for Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic Pan Singapore. Conventional/Microwave Oven Safe. Easy to Clean and Sanitise

Ceramic Pan Singapore
Say no to the traditional clay pots that are prone to crack easily and
more often, and try out our range of superbly heat resistant ceramic pans that are
capable to withstand any change in temperature. Unlike the normal ceramic pans,
our new generation Ceramics are easy to
handle and anti-leakage.
Try on our wide range of pots and pans to
ensure safety and cooking over the
temperature of 400degree Celsius. Ceramic
Pan Singapore available here are capable
cooking for approx. 1- 2 people every time.
Voted to be the best
Ceramic Pan Singapore
, the capability lies in being Gas stove,
Electric, and ceramic stoves friendly also they are induction and microwave oven
Being made of non-reactive substance our pots are ideal for acidic as well as alkaline
food. This property of the material in any ceramics also ensures its ease to clean and
sanitize, as it is dishwasher safe.
We are aiming to make the food preparing
and serving really easy and manageable by
giving a big and wide lid and opening
associated with it, this in turn resolves the
issue of leakage and uneasiness in cooking.
The key here is, since the ceramic pans by
us are temperature resistant the dishes
that can be prepared from can be from
vegetarian to non-vegetarian.
You can try cooking by sautéing technique or even deep frying to test on the
capability of the product by us. Our products are a value for money that has made us
the best
Ceramic Pan Singapore
Please feel free to contact us at 6745 8888 or fax us at 6744 2125.
You can even write to us on; sales@angleeseng.com.sg
Or visit us at 5 Kaki Bukit Road 2
City Warehouse #01-03
Singapore 417839