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The BERTL’s Best Award
for “Best Scanning
Software Utility” is
bestowed on the product
which delivers the most
extensive functionality
and versatility for central
document sharing/
distribution purposes.

BERTL has awarded the
2004 BERTL’s Best Award
to Ricoh’s GlobalScan for
its simple operation,
multi-tasking document
distribution capabilities
and its integration with
major document
management partners.

While most digital MFPs offer
network scanning capabilities, the
differentiating factors for buyers
may be how flexible is the
solution and how well does it fit
into the existing corporate

To satisfy this requirement
BERTL was impressed by
GlobalScan document routing

Two key issues within the
successful design of a network
scanning solution are:

1) Streamlining the document
distribution process.
2) Integration with existing
document archiving/
management applications.

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Best Scanning Software Utility
Ricoh GlobalScan
BERTL’s Best 2004
9th Annual Spring Awards
Recognizing The BEST In Digital
Imaging Technology and Innovation

The lead-up time to the BERTL’s Best
Spring Awards marks an intense period of
research for BERTL analysts. Starting first
week of January, BERTL analysts begin work
reviewing every major NEW corporate-level
copier, printer, color, production and
multifunctional device introduced to the
market as of January 1
. Devices are
analyzed across a wide range of parameters
with the end-user experience being the
primary consideration. BERTL analysts take
into consideration overall value for money,
competitive advantage, accessibility (for the
physically challenged or visually impaired
user), design and build quality, standard
functions, modularity of design and upgrade
path to more extensive functionality, any
value-added software that is part of the
product offering, network management
utilities, return on investment, and more. For
every device that BERTL analysts review, the
company publishes a detailed evaluation
report (per device) in one of its specialist
services: “Color at Work,” “LabCheck” or
“Imaging at Work.” You will find hundreds of
reports at www.BERTL.com
. Six months
later, BERTL analysts conduct another in-
depth investigation, this time they look at the
entire competitive landscape of corporate-
level devices, this comprises newly
launched devices, as well as current-line
product offerings (this numbers several
hundred devices). Following extensive
research, which takes into consideration
feedback from users, product resellers and
in-depth competitive study, BERTL analysts
then recognize a very small, select group of
devices with the highly prestigious BERTL’s
Best Spring Awards.

The digital imaging marketplace evolves at a rapid pace. In order to be
scrupulously fair to manufacturers who have plans to launch products in
the second-half of the year, BERTL conducts a similar end-of-year in-
depth review of the competitive landscape, so that any “NEW” products
launched June through December can be considered for BERTL’s Best
December Awards recognition.
9th Annual Awards
2004 Award Winner

9th Annual Awards
© BERTL 2004. All Rights Reserved. No copying, distribution, storage of any kind is permitted. To obtain a Reprint License please call (1) 732 761 2311.
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2004 Award Winner
Ricoh’s GlobalScan is well
equipped to handle a wide range
of distribution scenarios. Via
GlobalScan, users can send a
document in a single seamless
process to an unlimited range of
destinations using a wide range
of document distribution formats.

Using GlobalScan, you can:

• Select email addresses and
fax numbers directly from
corporate contact databases
using LDAP.

• Select FTP server folders
and/or network desktop
locations for document

• Send the scanned document
to all locations in the one

Most competing systems require
users to set up this type of
distribution procedure
beforehand from the desktop,
creating a template which can
then be selected from the copier
control panel.

For users who prefer the fixed
but fast template format
distribution solution, Ricoh’s
GlobalScan integrates with NSI’s
AutoStore solution, a leading
document workflow solution.

However, where Ricoh’s
GlobalScan stands out is its
ability to allow users to select
multiple distribution
routes/destinations on the fly
directly from the copier

The other major issue which
Ricoh has addressed with
GlobalScan is ‘How do I integrate
the digital copier with my existing
document archiving/storage
infrastructure?’ Ricoh’s
GlobalScan has been designed
from the bottom up with this
critical issue in mind.

GlobalScan includes:

• Open architecture.

• XML Metadata capability.

• Wide range of file format

• Close working relationship
with the major document
management software
leaders (such as Microsoft,
Lotus, Documentum,
Hummingbird, iManage,
Kofax, OpenText and NSi.)

Using the touchcreen found on
Ricoh Aficio digital MFPs, users
can be prompted to enter
specific data (called metadata)
pertaining to each scanned
document before it is sent to the
document management

The metadata is recognized by
document management
applications, informing it where to
store the scanned file in its
specific folder.

For corporations with a
centralized data processing
department, GlobalScan can be
set up to simply send documents
to the central document filing
queue within the archiving
application for processing.

GlobalScan supports a wide
range of file formats, with Single

Ricoh GlobalScan working in harmony with Documentum
9th Annual Awards
9th Annual Awards
© BERTL 2004. All Rights Reserved. No copying, distribution, storage of any kind is permitted. To obtain a Reprint License please call (1) 732 761 2311.
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Ricoh Company Ltd. was
founded on February 6 , 1936
and has since become a
household name within the
business industry.

Today, Ricoh consists of 404
companies with more than
70,000 employees organized into
three major facilities:

• Manufacturing Facilities: In
charge of OA equipment,
supplies, electronic devices,
printed circuit boards,
electronic components,
copiers, fax machines, data
processing systems, etc.

• Research and Development
Facilities: In charge of
research, development,
technology, manufacturing,
venture capital financing,
equipment, etc.

• Overseas Sales Subsidiaries:
In charge of worldwide

Ricoh is an active player in many
marketplaces around the globe,
including the Americas, Europe,
Africa, the Middle East, Asia,
Oceania, China and Japan.
Ricoh has regional headquarters
in most of these areas.

Ricoh merged with Lanier
Worldwide Inc. in 2001, and
Lanier has since become a
partner specializing in document

Ricoh’s research and
development takes place in its
own development centers. The
research centers’ focus ranges
from extensive research and
development, to technical
research, product application,
product technology and
environmental research. The
research and development
program at Ricoh mainly focuses
on advances in imaging
communications, but also works
with the manufacturing, sales
and service operations to
develop products and solutions
customers need in today’s
Spotlight On The Award Winner
2004 Award Winner
and Multi-page TIFF, JPEG and
PDF Image formats coming as

In addition, PDF Image Plus Text,
XLS (Microsoft Excel) and RTF
(Microsoft Word) file formats are
available as options.

GlobalScan also features an
optional OCR (Optional Character
Recognition) plug-in which allows
users to transform hard copy
pages into text format files in one
simple process.

To ensure the security of the
corporate document management
system, GlobalScan includes
network log-in authentication for
Windows NT, Novell, LDAP plus
a further level of authentication
for access to the document
management application.

Data transfer is carried out using
128-bit encryption using HTTPS
to ensure that data transfer is
also carried out with maximum
security in place.

Ricoh’s GlobalScan is a server-
based application that can drive
the scanning requirements of up
to 100 Ricoh MFP’s around the

In addition to acting as a flexible
portal between the scanner and
document archiving/management
application GlobalScan also
works with other portal
applications such as DocuLex,
NSi’s AutoStore and Kofax, which
may already be implemented
within a company’s document
management infrastructure.

With all this functionally, you
might expect GlobalScan to be at
the top end of the pricing scale.
However, the opposite is true.

With its fixed server-based
application costs, an organization
with multiple Ricoh MFPs may
end up paying a low cost per unit
charge compared to many
competing systems. This is due to
some competitors charging for
advanced network scanning
capabilities on a device by device
9th Annual Awards