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MINUTES JULY 26, 2012 6:30 PM MST

Those in Attendance
: Board Members: David Ellert, Susan Byers, Kevin Berube. Shedd Webster
Representing Property Management

Meeting Called to Order
: Meeting called to order by the President at 6:36 MST PM.

Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion to Approve

by D. Ellert
, Motion Seconded

by S. Byers
, Passed.

June Manager Report

Shedd Webster: May Financials Attached. Favorable to the Operations Budget.

Shedd reported getting the reports by the 20

of the month, by the 25

a P & L should be available
provided th
ere is an Assn Mgr.

available to a
pprove invoices.
Duffy and Shedd walked the building
extensively to review the iss
ues in the building

finishing the hallways

need to refinish the hallways.

Shedd sees a way to divide the refurbishment in a way where the bldg superintenden
t can re
paint and

he higher skill level (drywall etc) piece

of it. Shedd will include in the mont

report to the Board to ask

the Board for permission to pro
ceed. Developed a game p
an for the next 6
months to address anything that has been left over
for the past 9 mo

get a B

and a Custodian position to oversee property mgmt.
at VS.

as the plan.

Shedd asked about the
candidates for VS

if the Board is accep
ting of the new proposed Superintendent living
in an
bldg as h
e has a 2 bdr unit and a family and the housing at VS is not optimal for him.

Shedd can put
another em
ployee into the exiting unit occupied by our current superintendent. Board was in
agreement to allow the superintendent to live in the nearby West Lake

Smaller Projects

Shedd will work on the small projects with Susan (Board).

Larger Capital Projects: G
as Fireplace supply line. The master supply line to the right side of the garage
entrance has

severely deteriorated over many years. Line needs to be replaced Master Plumber predicts
it could fail at any time

it is 8 ft

in length. The work is fairly sim
ple. There are other lines that they
recommend be replaced above and below so there isn’t any rust on it. Prefer to do it at one time with
an estimated cost at $3,300 based on what they see now,. Waked the entire garage and checked the
entire 1 to 1 ¾ gas

lines which feed the fireplaces. (Only Residential affected). This
would fall under
Capex or O

Shedd suggests it is capital and long term fix. Do it once and repair it coincident with the
plaza work going on. Shedd wil

order the pipe and as
sures th
e work can be done before

the winter
season. There is
occupancy in the bldg over the next 2 weeks
, and repairs

require the FP to be off
line and shut off of gas, and re light them at
a future time. Board will approve

the notice

rom P
) to
the owner
s when

the gas woul

be turned off to the FP and re
lit once the repairs were complete.

The new
superintendent w
ill be assigned,
will be his
first official day
Our b
udget provides for 2
Fulltime e

for the management of the
Bldg. The desire of the Board


to bring in more
skilled FTE to do some of the
skilled tasks with

a custodian to support the day to day.

Having 2 people

working together allows one to focus on the repairs, while the other takes the owner calls, snow
val and the regular requests

The Assn Mgmt position
(Duffy Counsell’s position) is posted internally now and will be

externally. Shedd is looking for the skill set to shadow Shedd for a period of time for him to assess the
skill base; and let Shed
d decide if he will stay on or move another Assn Mgr (already here) to VS. Shedd
will be on at least through Labor Day/Homeowner Weekend.

Plaza Update

Susan Byers

Stage II Demo (removal of old waterproofing surface) 99% complete. Waterproofers on site

ew, higher capacity drains are

ordered and on site.

Plumber, Architect and GC finalizing plaza layout
for optimal

drainage plan/


next week. Concrete repairs to the plaza penetrations were
specified by the Structural engineer and will take pl
ace next week as well.

These were penetrations
which were expected from some of the demolition. Essentially they are small cracks in the plaza which
require concrete patches to repair. During the


week of August the major waterproofing piece
with the product application (5 days) and water testing (48 hours) to ensure stability.
Pavers are slated to re
install the week of Aug 12
, the Brown Beam (retaining walls for landscaping) as
well during this timeframe. Landscape projected for the week

of Aug 26

with the target date for
Completion on or before Sept 4
. This is all assuming we have no rain or snowfall or other unavoidable
delays. All in all project is running smoothly.

Ski Lockers

Consulted with Howard Beck

Assn Atty. We have 93

lockers and 85 Owners (Units). The
purpose of the lockers is to reduce damage to the elevators hallways and units from skis. Discussion
about lockers

we have 8
5 owned residential condo units

about 150

doors (lockoffs).

he Board

contemplating a p
olicy of one locker per door.

Dave will redraft the policy
for home owner review/input
to address this matter.


Locker repair/subcontractor. Status of the number than might need to be repaired. Shedd will


Discussion of the potential to suble
ase a small section of the commercial property office which
is off the lobby to add additional lockers and sublease from CNL (commercial Owner) and add a
door to

the locker room from the commercial office to allow for additional lockers.
d a proposal to the Owners to vote on the policy to have one locker per door and
ensure each door has a locker for it.

With no other business

before the Board the meeting w
as motioned
by D. Ellert
and seconded

by K.

to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned

at 7:29 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Byers