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Existing Industrial Building Search

“Project Vera Now”



Plastic injection
molding company is committed to leasing an existing building within 40 miles of Portage,
Wisconsin for immediate preparation to meet fall production schedule.

Requires 100,000 sf (min.), with the majority being high
bay production spac
e (prefer 30’ clear height to
accommodate 25
ton crane with crane hoists on beam); 20,000 sf warehousing; and 10
15,000 sf for
plastic recycling.

Minimal offices needed (2,500

3,000 sf for salaried personnel, plus production offices in plant). The
any operates 4 shifts on a 24 X 7 basis 360 days per year. Locker rooms and a lunch room
sufficient to accommodate up to 150 workers on this 4
shift schedule are necessary.

Operational: Within 60 days.

Company will lease the real estate.

This facilit
y does not have to be located directly on an Interstate highway.

Consistent with plastic injection molding operations the company has a high demand for electric power
and requires air compressors, chillers, resin silos and a 25
ton crane to move tools. T
he company hopes
to find a building that contains most of this equipment. It must be economically feasible to install any of
this equipment that is not already part of the building. Additional detail is included below.

A Typical Facility to Meet This Co
mpany’s Needs Would Include:


Water: 1

600+ ton Chiller for chilled water capacity of presses and molds.

Compressed Air: At least 1

50 HP and 1

30 HP air compressor. 1 air dryer for each compressor.

Crane: Production floo
r covered by one or more (as necessary) 25 ton capacity cranes with hoists on

Material Handling: Vacuum system to convey resin from 4

100,000# silos.

Parking: Main parking lot for up to 150 employees (4 shifts). Second parking lot with 15
spaces for
visitors near the front of the building.

Fire Suppression System: Overhead sprinklers throughout controlled in a central room with
communication possibility to local emergency.

Flooring: 12” concrete in main production area. 8” concrete in w
arehouse areas. The company ships
100% of its production daily, so it does not require a large area for warehousing finished product. A
warehousing and shipping area of 20,000 sf is adequate, preferably half on each side of the building.

Lighting: 440V
lights through entire production and warehouse areas. 10’ matrix spacing in main
production area. 12’ matrix spacing in warehouse areas.

Dock Doors: 8 auto
lock / unlock docks, 4 in each warehouse. 1 ground level door in rear of main
production area.

Restrooms: 1 restroom in shipping. 1 restroom in receiving. Men’s and women’s restrooms in front office
area. Men’s and women’s restrooms located near locker room adequate to meet code for 150 employees.

Rail would be viewed as a plus, but it is not requ

Company will consider up to 60 miles from Portage, if necessary to find an adequate building.

Company officials can be on
site to inspect properties within 24
48 hours.