Search Engine Marketing (SEM)with AdWords

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

with AdWords
Digital Kitbag is owned and operated by
Johnston Press, one of the largest regional
media publishers in the UK and Ireland.
We have a large portfolio of newspapers
and their associated websites, including
The Scotsman, Yorkshire Post and The
Portsmouth News.
We have a long history of helping
businesses promote themselves in their
community through platforms to advertise
jobs, motors and property in local markets.
With expert knowledge in digital marketing
and local areas, Digital Kitbag is able
to offer a simple and effective range of
advertising solutions to SMBs across the UK
and Ireland.
Regions cover locally:
East Midlands
North Midlands
South Midlands
Isle of Man
We’re your business’ marketing team
Who are Digital Kitbag?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
(sometimes referred to as PPC (pay per
click) advertising) is simply paid advertising
on Search Engines – principally Google
(the dominant Search Engine in the UK).
It means your ad is displayed in the ‘Ads’
sections on Google - above or to the right
of the ‘organic’ search results. When users
search for relevant terms, they will see your
ad – and if they click on it, they will go to
your website. BUT you only pay when users
click on the ad (hence ‘Pay Per Click’).
The Digital Kitbag SEM team will make this
all really simple and effective for you. Simply
tell us about the lines of business you want
to advertise, and the geographic areas you
want to target, and we will do the rest. We’ll
manage the entire campaign to utilise your
budget against your objectives, and give you
regular reports so you can see the traffic
and leads your campaign generated.
That’s the beauty about SEM and digital
marketing; It’s measured, so you know
exactly how much value you get from your
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, managed for you
What is Search Engine Marketing?
SEM; it’s simple, cost
effective marketing
for your business
We’ll give you reports
so you can measure
Your local Digital
Kitbag Team will set
up & manage your
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The detailed mechanics of Google AdWords
change from time to time, and it can be a
complicated and time-consuming process
to setup and manage your own campaign.
That’s why it’s a good idea to get expert
help from Digital Kitbag to look after it all for
you. And you can get on with running your
Make your online presence work for you
Why do I need Google AdWords?
Ok, so most businesses nowadays have a
website or some kind of digital presence,
but how effective is yours at generating
leads and sales? Search Engine Marketing
is one of the simplest ways to start driving
traffic from interested customers directly to
your site. Most businesses recognise the
potential value of advertising on Google
– but often just don’t know where to start,
or how to make the most of it. After all,
it’s a bit of science, if anyone could do it
successfully, every business would be
It’s about generating leads and ultimately
allowing you to convert them to sales. With
SEM you can reach your target audience
when they’re looking for products and you
can ensure that your advert is only shown
for relevant searching. SEM is precise,
controllable and immediate – you will be
getting clicks and phone calls within a few
days of your campaign starting. And we
carefully ‘pace’ the spend of your budget
through the month – to ensure a steady and
consistent flow of leads.
That’s why we’d love to help your business,
after all; having a website is great, but if no
one is visiting it, it’s not working for you.
SEM is one of the
most effective
marketing tools
Reaches relevant,
interested potential
SEM will yield
immediate results
Budget only spent
when someone
clicks on your
We can track and
record phone calls
Setup your Google
AdWords campaign
to target the
customers you want
Optimise and
‘pace’ your monthly
Manage and
optimise all your ad
Provide you with
a dashboard and
regular reports
to see how it’s
97% of consumers now
use online media when
researching products and
services in their local area.
advertisers achieve a 7:1
ROI for search-based
Why do I need Google AdWords?
SEM delivers an active,
targeted message to
potential customers.
Search is the most
popular medium for
locating information.
74% of internet users
perform local searches.
Search Engine Marketing
has one of the lowest
costs per customer
74% of internet users
perform local searches.
Digital Kitbag
I think I can do it myself
Why use Digital Kitbag?
Setting up and managing a SEM campaign
is complex and time consuming. Keyword
selection (including negatives), campaign
structuring, geo targeting, quality score
management, bid strategy & optimisation,
budget pacing …. and the list goes on.
Without the right expertise (and a lot of
time), SEM can be a daunting prospect for
many businesses.
So why not leave it to the experts. Digital
Kitbag have partnered with one of the
world’s leading technology platforms to
deliver and manage your SEM campaign
in the most effective way possible. We will
maximise the value from your SEM budget,
while you get on with your day job!
We can run your
entire campaign
We’ll set up targeted
SEM campaigns on
You can call our
support team
You’ll receive
reports on clicks and
phone calls
Measuring your results
We offer a great tool to monitor the value
your campaign is creating for you: Dynamic
Number Replacement (sometimes referred
to as ‘Reverse Proxy’) and a Call Tracking
The Dynamic Number Replacement
service replicates your existing website
– but replaces the phone number with
a different (local) Call Tracking Number
(which forwards calls to your normal phone
number). Only customers who click on
your SEM campaign ads will ever see this
number – so it is only measuring calls
generated from your SEM investment. And
all calls to this number are recorded (and
available to listen to via your dashboard).
So you don’t just get to see how many calls
your campaign has generated for you – you
can listen to them and understand exactly
which customers your SEM campaign has
bought you.

Proof your money’s working for you
SEM traffic is tracked by a
Dynamic Telephone Number
Calls are recorded - allowing
you to monitor quality
All data available via your
online dashboard