Boost Site Traffic, Boost Your Bottom Line With Search Engine Marketing Strategies

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Boost Site Traffic, Boost Your Bottom Line
With Search Engine Marketing Strategies
With scores of new Web sites coming online every hour of every day, optimizing your site for improved search engine rankings
has become a critical part of every marketer’s overall Web strategy. Implementing a comprehensive search engine marketing
(SEM) plan based on sound research involves several steps that can help your company’s Web site place higher with popular
search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
A recent study by Jupiter Research found that 68% of search engine users click on listings that make the first page of results.
Furthermore, the study showed that only 8% go beyond the first three pages of results.
Developing a successful SEM program starts with research. The more you understand your customers and what is important to
them the more likely you’ll be able to implement a targeted SEM program that generates results. Below are a few steps to help
you in your effort to improve your site’s rankings and your company’s bottom line:
Page Title Tags:An important but often overlooked opportunity to optimize your search engine marketing includes developing
and placing strategic page title tags. This practice includes placing one or two important keywords as close to the beginning of
your page title tag as possible—even before your company name, when possible! The closer the keywords are to the beginning,
the more weight they will carry with search engines.
Alt Tags:An equally important title to consider as part of your search engine marketing program is developing alt tags for your
Web site photographs and other graphic elements. Sophisticated Web crawlers today are even able to read keywords embedded
in PDF files! So be sure to “tag” all graphics and downloadable files on your site to improve optimization.
Content:The content on your Web site should be informative. After all, your potential customers are coming to your Web site
for more information about your company and your products and services. Within your content it is imperative to place popular
keywords to optimize your search results. Most, if not all, of your keyword integration should be dictated by your research.
Keywords:Popular search engines like Yahoo and Google are placing more and more emphasis on embedded links within
your anchor text rather than on links in navigational menus, headers, and footers. For example, rather than use such phrases
as “click here” or “learn more,” tell your readers (and search engines!) exactly what page to which they are linking. It’s
another opportunity to repeat important keywords.
Social Media:The more links you have coming to and from your site, the more relevancy and weight search engines will
likely award your site. Actively participating in and linking to the social media is an excellent strategy to increase traffic
and search engine optimization for your site. Promote your company’s Web site content on the popular sites such as Twitter,
LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Blogs & Web site Links:Referencing and linking to other popular sites and blogs can help improve your search engine site
rankings. Authoring your own blog can also be a big driver for traffic to your site since bloggers oftentimes link to other
bloggers. Again, the more activity your site generates the more relevancy search engines will assign to it … and that can
lead to a much higher ranking!
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