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Valerie Cavazos [mailto:vcavazos@dcccd.edu]


Friday, December 03, 2010 2:22 PM


Valerie Cavazos


gboggs@aacc.nche.edu; mheiss@aacc.nche.edu; Karen McClendon; nharrison@dcccd.edu; Pam
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OnlineCommunityColleges Update




9596 Walnut Street, Dallas, Texas 75243

December 3, 2010

Dear President/CEO,

We are so excited about the

responses we are getting for the

initiative. As of today, we already have four institutions committed at the premier charter
membership level, two at the charter membe
rship, and anticipate several more colleges joining
before the holidays.

In our planning and implementation discussions, we realized that the timetable we set was not
realistic for most colleges who were not involved in the development of the concept. A
s the
Incubator Service organization, we have decided to give colleges more time to respond to the
invitation to join. The new deadline to join as a founding member is
January 31, 2011
. Joining
as a founding member gets you so much more than coming in lat

We have attached the updated membership profile which outlines the benefits of joining. Per
feedback from the webinars, please note that you may now stagger the annual fee into two
payments, the lead generation fees and the revenue sharing expenses h
ave been eliminated and
consortium can join at the premier level. Based on your college’s business office preference,
your college may now pay the annual fee as a (1) membership, (2) subscription or (3) online
marketing & advertising.

We will be submitti
ng a proposal to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for the Trade
Adjustment Act allocation. This has been delayed by DOL. We anticipate a solicitation request
to be issued around the middle of December with an expected due date into DOL around the end

January or the beginning of February, 2011. Generally, federal agencies allow for 45 days
turn around. If you want to participate in this proposal, we need to have a contact name from
your college. We want you to know that the DOL and the U.S. Departmen
t of Education
(USDE) are aware and support this concept of joint marketing, search engine optimization and a
trusted web site/portal for community colleges. They know that students are paying too much to
profit institutions and not earning enough inc
ome to pay off their financial aid debt.

Once the web site/portal is developed, students will have access to trusted and highly transparent
career information. We know our graduates, the companies who employ them and how much
students can expect to ear
n. This information will be listed to help students make better
informed decisions about which career path to pursue through our community colleges.

If you have any questions about the Online Community College initiative, please contact either
Cavazos at 214

or Theresa Roffino at 972
. We look forward to you joining this effort.


K. Quinn


LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications (Incubator Service organization)