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Tuesday April 17, 2006

Running Fox

More Progress: New Recycler Technology: Energy Media Interest

Trent Moore, VP, reports:

Further to Running Fox news announcing that Running Fox’s
Claymore division has successfully designed
and developed a new technology for recycling expensive oil
based drilling fluids, the Company is pleased
to announce that the commercial
scale unit has been chosen by a new media company, The Energy for

a news production while the recycler was in use on a rig.

The unit, which is designed for both onshore and offshore drilling, is the first commercial scale prototype
known to exist anywhere in the world and is patent pending.

The commercial
scale unit co
mpliments conventional drilling rig equipment to make drilling

cost effective.

Go to

to see the news story located in the Tuesday April 17 early Edition, the
details on Running

Fox start at about 9 minutes into the news. Also located as Top Energy News, click on
the play button below the picture of the very photogenic news anchorwoman.

The recycler was mounted within a Precision Drilling Rig system which was drilling a well for

Petroleum. While this test was brief, data from the test is assisting our development team to improve the
which is environmentally friendly, reducing the volumes of drilling fluids sent to landfills or disposal
sites, and reducing the costs
associated with oilfield waste.

The application is designed to be suitable everywhere wells are drilled for oil and natural gas using oil
based drill fluids. Running Fox confirms that it intends to bring onstream further broader applications of
this tech
nology and other innovative ideas being planned and bench
scale tested.

Delay in Annual Financial Statements

Annual financial statements have been delayed due to an illness, requiring hospitalization, of the
Company’s independent Auditor, who is now compl
eting the task of auditing a very active 2006 fiscal

Running Fox is an energy sector Canadian small cap company with three distinct divisions:


Energy Sector Field Services and Technology;


Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production; and


ium and Gold Mineral Projects.

First nine months consolidated revenues were $5.150 Million, with net income prior to adjustments of
$884,000. Visit

for further information.

On behalf of the Board of D
irectors: Trent Moore, VP, Running Fox Resource Corp.

403 742 0500

The Company relies on legislation applicable to forward looking statements, and seeks safe harbour. The
V has neither approved nor

disapproved of this news release.