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Using NetBeans IDE
a GUI Message Box Window for Output

The earlier two HelloWorld programs were examples of “Console Applications”. They displayed their output as
plain text in the Command Window or the Output window in the IDE. Similarly, if there were input needed, it
would be typed in by the user as plain text (only keyboard-input is allowed, no mouse-clicks, taps, . . .) in the
Command Window or IDE’s Output window.
But Java and NetBeans can also be used to create “Windows Applications” with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI),
where output displays in a Message Box window (or produces some other graphical result) and user input is typed
in a Dialog Box window (or input comes from a mouse click is detected or a check-box or radio-button results are
detected or. . .).
1) Download & UnZip it

2) Open NetBeans & Open WinHelloWorld

- after opening the project, load the Java program into the Editor Window by
expanding the project tree in the Projects window (Source Packages / <default package> )
and double-clicking the program

3) Run the Program

- use the green arrow icon at top to run the program
[It’s already been compiled, which you can see by clicking the Files tab (in the top left window)
and checking in WinHelloWorld / build / classes for the presence of the byteCode
file, WinHelloWorld.class].
- you'll see the Hello World message in the IDE’s Output window and in a separate pop-up Message