An online utility that helps you achieve your goals.

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An online utility that helps you achieve your goals.

The Seed

Average user has 15+ profiles just sitting
there, disconnected from one another

The web is filled with data that isn’t be utilized
properly by consumers

Apply the concept of enterprises leveraging
their own data to the consumer space

Instead of business intelligence, ‘user

The Product

There are two main parts:

The Recommender System

The Productivity App

The Recommender System

Personalization is key.

Recommendations must be comprehensive

Recommendations must be knowledge

User Data

Domain Knowledge

Part One: The User Profile

Account Aggregation


Not everyone has all of these online accounts

Not everyone uses the accounts they do have

There is more to a person than these online
connections. We must dig deeper.

How do we fill in the blanks?

Filling in the blanks:

Natural Language Processing

Part Two: The Knowledge Base

Leveraging data on a large scale

Data Mining

determining consistent patterns
among large data sets

Our goal is to explore:

Data about those who have achieved the goal

Data about the goal itself

Leverage the power of the web.

The Recommender System


No data mining was used to create

Productivity app is not included

User data is limited to Facebook profile and
computer generated quizzes ONLY

Prototype has no user base to feed off for goal

What next?

A goal is a series of milestones, each of which
is linked to a set of actionable tasks and the
resources required to complete those tasks.

Accepted recommendations are turned into
milestones, tasks and resources.

the user now has all of these insightful
recommendations and they’re ready to go.
Now what?

Unparalleled Productivity


pathweavr will help users be more thoughtful,
prepared, organized and ultimately, successful
in their endeavors.

Thank you for your time!

Contact: Matt McClintock