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Dr. Du graduated from the Tian Jin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. There she studied both traditional Chinese medicine and western biomedicine. After receiving her medical degree in 1986.The first time we met with Dr DuLi my husband just received the diagnosis of ALS and he was sleeping more than he was awake. After the 1st treatment he exclaimed “I Feel Great” and subsequently his life changed for the better.

Atlanta Acupuncture And Chinese

Dr. Li Du (Chinese name Du Li) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (TCMD)
and an acupuncturist licensed by the State of Georgia (L.Ac). She has been a
professor of oriental medicine in Atlanta and is currently a board
member of the
Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Georgia. She has over 20 years of
experience in the practice of Alternative Medicine.

Since moving to Atlanta in 2000, Dr. Du has worked with many other medical
doctors and health providers in treat
ing patients. For four years Dr. Du was a
professor at Edgewood College of Oriental Medicine in Atlanta and guided
students in clinical practice. Now she concentrates on treating private patients
and specializes in Acupuncture, Chinese herb medicine, Acupr
essure, Tui Na
Medical Massage, Auricular Therapy, Gua Sha, and cupping therapy. Dr. Du’s goal
is to help people with illnesses and disabilities to regain balance and happiness in
their lives.




Auricular Acupuncture

Tui Na M
essage (a combination of acupressure and medical massage)

Chinese herb medicine


Electro acupuncture

Gua Sha

Heat therapy

Conditions treated by Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine





Back and Disc Problems

Blood Pressure



Colds, Cough and Flu


Carpal Tunnel syndrome


Digestion or intestine

Emotional Wellbeing

Eye. Ear throat problem


Face & Skin Rejuvenation




Muscle Aches, Sprains and Strains

Pain Management


Sexual Dysfunction

Stroke/.Multiple Sclerosis,

Skin Problems/Dermatology


Sinus infection


TMJ pain

Plantar Fascitis

Raynaud’s Disease

Urology Problems

Women's Health/OBGYN

At Atlanta Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we are dedicated to bringing
health and healing to our patients. Our licensed acupuncture doctors have over
20 years of experience in the field. Give us a call today to find out how we can
help you return to opt
imal health and wellness!




Initial consultation $40

Acupuncture treatment $75

Electrical Stimulation $10/Add

6 visit acupuncture treatment package 10% off


Weight Loss

I have been going to Doctor Du for losing weight and other health issue. I have
lost 35 pounds using her weight lose formula V9. I have had no side effects like
most diet pills have. I am not hungry at all between meals and eat much less at
meals. I recomm
end V9 to any one who has a hard time losing weight. Good Luck


Trish W

Neck Pain

Several years ago a friends suggested I try acupuncture to relieve the pain and
stiffness in my neck. I was happy to try it, since I didn’t want to be taking
on a regular basis. The result was noticeable after the first two
treatments and it wasn’t long before I realized that my pain and stiffness were
gone. I also discovered that my whole body felt better and I had more energy. I
now have acupuncture treatment
s on a regular basis and will not hesitate to use
it as an alternative treatment wheneve
r I get sick. Li Du
Jessica .

Heel Pain

I am so greatful to Dr. Du Li for helping me get rid of heel pain that wouldn't go
away for a month. I thought I had a bone
spur, but after one treatment my pain
was gone. I couldn't believe it!


Shoulder Pain

Dr. Du Li really helped me with chronic shoulder pain that I've had for almost 8
years. I broke my shoulder when I was a Military Police Officer.I served in the
y for 8 years and completed a tour in Iraq, and the whole time my shoulder
bothered me. I've never gotten complete relief.As someone who is extremely fit
and prefers to live a healthy life, getting the kind of shoulder relief that Dr. Li was
able to give m
e was quite significant. It has totally helped improved the quality of
my life. She's also helped me with numerous other issues as I'm very active, and I
workout 6 days a week. She's helped me recover from a quad pull, two calves
pulls and issues dealing w
ith PTSD
from being in Iraq.
Kip .C

Doctor Du Li was teaching in First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin university of TCM,
In China. National Clinic Research Center of Acupuncture

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