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September 11,2008 REF:ESB-325-08
Honorable Tony Cardenas,Chair
Information Technology and General Services Committee
City of Los Angeles
Room395,City Hall
Los Angeles,CA 90012
Dear Councilmember Cardenas:
On June 24,2008,a motion from the Information Technology and General Services
Committee meeting requested the Information Technology Agency (ITA) and City
Administrative Office (CAD) to report on the current costs of operating the City's
mainframe computer and further instruct ITA and CAD to include in their report how
costs can be reduced during the current fiscal year and possible environmental benefits
that may result from system improvements.
ITA performed an assessment of upgrading the current mainframe environment or re-
hosting the mainframe to an open distributed platform,and intends to replace the
current mainframe server with a new mainframe server at a reduced cost and upgrade
in technology.This solution will upgrade the current mainframe technology,reduce the
current mainframe cost by $143,118 within 3 years and increase performance and
capacity.This alternative has no impact to City's business activities and addresses the
environmental issues and increases the efficiency of the Data Center.The new
mainframe server offers high processing power with a small physical footprint,reduced
energy and cooling costs,and a single platform for a multitude of enterprise
applications.We have realized a 12% cost savings from the past 2 years,which as
resulted in a total of 1.3 million dollars.
This motion also requested addressing possible environmental benefits.The
replacement of the current mainframe server will also result in approximately 80%
reduction in power and cooling costs.In addition to the mainframe computer
environment,ITA is continually assessing cost savings and environmental
improvements for all other technologies and platforms that are part of the City's IT
infrastructure.In this current difficult economic climate,ITA recognizes the challenge to
SEP 11 2008 >j.t./
An Equal Employment Opportunity - Affirmative Action Employer
Honorable Councilmember Tony Cardenas
September 11,2008
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implement solutions that require initial investment costs that reduce costs over time,and
address environmental issues and continue to provide essential services.
The mainframe enterprise server is a core infrastructure component for hosting many of
the City's information technology systems.The mainframe computer server environment
hosts close to 100 business,financial and public safety applications and consists of
over 13,000 users for 49 departments.The mainframe is a reliable and secure system
with disaster recovery capability that has the ability to handle heavy transaction loads
and massive batch job processing.The mainframe system infrastructure is comprised
of a centralized operating system,database solution,transaction oriented architecture,
and security platform.Major applications supported include LAPD's Network
Communication System (NECS),Detective Case tracking system,Consolidated Crime
Analysis Database,Financial Management Systems (Accounts Receivable System,
General Ledger and Financial reporting systems),and Legacy payroll system.
The primary costs associated with the mainframe computer environment are hardware,
software,and services.ITA continues on-going aggressive cost savings measures
such as re-negotiating hardware and software contracts,eliminating obsolete hardware
equipment,re-negotiating maintenance and service contracts,and ending equipment
lease terms.In addition,the replacement of aging equipment with newer technologies
results in the reduction of power consumption,cooling capacity,and Data Center floor
In the past two fiscal years,the mainframe operating budget has decreased by 12%
with approximately $1.3 million from various cost reduction measures.In fiscal year
06/07,over $900,000 cost savings was attributed to cost savings measures from
software and hardware eliminations,reductions,or re-negotiations.In fiscal year 07/08,
over $400,000 cost savings was attributed to hardware and services elimination.
Within the past four fiscal years,the outdated mainframe tape storage library and disk
storage systems have been upgraded to newer technology with more energy efficient
components.This has resulted in achieving more cost effective,more reliable,
increased performance,smaller physical footprint,reduced energy consumption and
reduced cooling requirements for the Data Center.
The"greening"of the Data Center is an on-going initiative within the agency that
incorporates various cost savings measures.The elimination of mainframe printing in
the Data Center is an example of a"greening"solution.This initiative has currently
resulted in the suppression of 360 million lines of print per year,with the participation
from thirty eight departments,and resulting in $80,785 in annual cost savings.In
addition,ITA and the Controller's office are currently in a pilot phase of the suppression
Honorable Councilmember Tony Cardenas
September 11,2008
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of direct deposit printing.The suppression of direct deposit printing has resulted in
approximately 95% reduction in direct deposit printing for both departments.
In addition,the Data Center is experiencing power issues,so a major concem will be
cost savings measures and initiatives that result in environmental efficiencies.An
initiative that addresses power and cooling issues in the Data Center is server
virtualization and consolidation.This initiative reduces the number of physical servers
implemented in the Data Center through server virtualization.Currently,over 100
servers have been virtualized within the Data Center.ITA will continue to implement
multiple virtualization measures within the Data Center to address the Data Center
$ 5,111,172
$ 238,959
$ 4,427,216
$ 702,333
$ 499,913
$ 212,724
$ 6,052,464
$ 5,139,853
ITA continues to assess mainframe hardware and software solutions,re-negotiate
maintenance contracts and re-evaluate the service contracts.In an effort to reduce
operating costs,ITA is currently in the process of upgrading the current mainframe
server platform.The current mainframe server was upgraded in 2002 and has reached
"end of marketing"in 2006.
The upgrade of the current mainframe platform will result in operating cost savings and
reduce energy consumption in the Data Center.A reduction in hardware and software
maintenance will result in a three year savings of $143,118.The new mainframe server
platform will also reduce energy consumption and shrink the physical footprint of the
Data Center.Potential cost savings will result from electrical power and cooling
consumption reductions of 79% and 78%,respectively.
Energy Cost - Power
Energy Cost - Cooling
GSD Savings Annually
GSD Savings for 5 Years $58,920
The mainframe upgrade will retain the current mainframe environment without any
alteration to the mainframe operating system,database environment,system
maintenance,upgrade and automation procedures,operational monitoring,security
infrastructure,backup and storage utilities,extemalinterfaces.printing process,disaster
recovery solution,online,batch,client and development environments,and
Honorable Councilmember Tony Cardenas
September 11,2008
Page 4
programming languages.The new mainframe technology will also provide a new level
of performance and capacity,improved security architecture,maintain its resiliency and
availability features and will not have any impact to the City's business operations.
Questions regarding this report may be directed to Gene Gamachi,Assistant General
Manager,at 978-6733.
Randi Levin
General Manager
cc:Honorable Bernard Parks,Vice Chair ITGS
Honorable Herb Wesson,Member ITGS
Ben Ceja,Mayor's Office
Paul Wang,Mayor's Office
Ray Ciranna,Interim CAO
Jacob Wexler,CAO
Mark Wolf,ITA
Gene Gamachi,ITA