– Mysteries, Myths and Truths


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Mysteries, Myths and Truths

By George W. Ponick IV

Nov. 14, 2006 History was first released with Visual Studio
.Net in 2002.

Version 1.0 was replaced by 1.1 in April
2003. This release coincided with Visual
Studio .NET 2003 and Windows Server

Version 2.0 was released in November of
2005. Overview was created to replace ASP.

ASP stands for Active Server Page. is built around the Common
Runtime Language. uses an event
driven GUI
programming paradigm instead of a
scripting based paradigm.

Web Programming Paradigms

( vs ASP(and some others))


No seperation of business
logic and presentation

Errors are only found at
runtime, not compile

One language(in general)
per app

Event Based GUI

Ability to separate code
from presentation layer

Many different
languages(any .NET) can
be used

Closely related to
Windows form
applications, so a similar
development style is
possible. Benefits

Runtime error handling(try, catch)

User defined controls allow for reusable
code blocks in libraries

Session state, or data persisting throughout
a users session can be saved on the page,
or in an SQL server for use in a server farm.

Compiled code for faster execution

Server Platform

Commonly hosted on Windows 2000 Server,
or 2003 Server…

In this configuration it uses IIS(Windows’
Web Server)

Server Platform… tricks

Is Windows the only platform?


With the advent of Mono, .NET and
can be run on multiple platforms

Windows, Linux, Mac(with some issues?)

IIS, Cassini(.net based Web Server),
Apache(mod mono), XSP(Mono’s web

Live Demo, Questions

Any Questions?