Search/Tactical Site Exploitation


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Search/Tactical Site Exploitation

Search/Tactical Site Exploitation is focused on Combat Arms being able to independently
conduct Search missions that will allow them to gather evidence for prosecution and gain
intelligence on the Battlefield. An Infantry Squad can be trained and equipped
with the tools to
carry out Tactical
ite Exploitation in Counter Insurgency

“This is an A

Z approach from Warning Order/Planning/Briefing/Mission/Report Writing/De

Course Design

The course is designed as part of a building block
process where the students are taught the basic skill
sets and how incorporate them all into the Mission.
This is then followed up with practical

equipment training. The students will then be gi
practical exercise to both practice and confirm the
instruction that they have received.

Course Modules

IED Components

Home Made Explosives

Method of Attack (Threat assessment)

Tactical questioning/Interpreter Integration

Explosive Detection Kits

Biometrics overview and equipment

DOMEX/Evidence Handling

Document/Report writing (ATTAC)

Search Kits/Metal Detectors

Personnel Search Techniques

Vehicle Search Techniques

Occupied Building Search

Area/Cache Search



days long

Role Player Support

Target Planning packs

Excellent Training facilities

Certified Quality Instructors

College Credits

Search/TSE kits for Training

Camp Pendleton Team Lead


George McKerrow

Tel: Cell 909 556 4285