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In the most dynamically developing companies generated profits are increasingly the result of the use
of information technology and created based on the systems. For a company to use the knowledge
management should have a reliable information
system functioning.

Modern information systems may impact on the decisions made by managers at all levels and,
consequently, to the fact of how and in what form the company delivers products and services.
Currently, information systems are beginning to pla
y a key role in the functioning of the company and
became its strategic asset. Mutual, close links between the company and its information system make
business development opportunities are directly dependent on the opportunities that have the
system. Increasing market share, changes in technology, changes in the production
profile, increase productivity, develop new products depend more and more on the quality of the
enterprise information system.

In today's economy growing importance of the ma
rket value of companies as a measure of the
efficiency of the company. More and more companies are actively entering the areas of electronic
commerce, which causes them to significantly increase business value generated by intangible assets
in relation to
the total market value. This raises the need for more advanced management techniques
intangible asset companies, especially those most precious, which is knowledge.

Focusing on the entire enterprise can be argued that the primary goal of knowledge managem
ent in
the enterprise is able to take advantage of the knowledge base and made available for reuse in the
development of the market value of the company. Proper implementation, use and enter in knowledge
management organizational culture influences the way

employees work in your organization, promotes
creative and innovative thinking among people. There is no doubt that knowledge management is
closely related to the human factor and the culture of work in the company. Attitudes and behavior of
staff. Proper
ly implemented makes them think creatively, giving by the beginning of the innovative

which are also linked to technology and technological changes in the organization

entails the implementation of a knowledge management system. One of o
rganizational knowledge
management systems are e
learning platform.

This paper presents the use of e
learning platform based on the platform of Gromar LearnWay as
enterprise knowledge management system.