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Professional Profile

The EIA management engineer will run organizations and processes via human development programs and coping with organizationa
l resources. Thanks to the education
received at the EIA, he will be able to combine the administration systemic view with the engi
neering rigor and method. In his day
day professional life, he will have to
assess, design, implement, investigate, manage and find creative solutions to the needs that constantly arise in our society.


Personal skills

highlighted in the EIA Management Engineer are:

Creativity: The ability to generate and incorporate new ideas to: exploit advantageous opportunities, problem solve, determi
ne competitiveness and develop

2: Teamwork: The ability to unit
e group efforts in actions, attitudes and way of thinking in order to achieve a common goal.

3: Communicative: The ability to understand the positions, emotions, ideals and own interests and necessities
whilst ensuring their appropriate reconciliation and
satisfactory agreements for each part.

4: Systemic vision: The ability to understand and interpret the interrelationship and interdependence between the different c
omponents that make up an organisational
system and its environment.


prepares the future biomedical engineers to perform in the different following areas:


Design and transform an organisation's strategic objectives, incorporating knowledge management guidelines, planning, directi
on and the control of resources that
e long
term development.


Manage organisation resources to ensure financial value, maint
nce and profitability from strategic management, analysis of economic variables and financial


Design and implement marketing strategies based on the knowl
edge of the internal and external environment of the organisation and its strategic direction. Take
advantage of domestic and international market, commercial and trading opportunities.


social and cultural context of technical proposals critical analysis to solve any problems relating to ethics and laws and ad
dress any
social and environmental


Develop models that generate an interrelation of phenomena and processes, able to pr
edict the behaviour of a system to facilitate decision making under uncertainty,
based on critical analysis of their predictions.


Analyse and model natural and social phenomena by applying mathematical language, its laws and procedures, with the support o

graphical tools and software.


Apply scientific method to creative

problem solving in

basic engineering problems in areas of vocational training
. C
ollection and systematic analysis of information and

the use of

scientific methodology developed in the areas

of basic science and basic engineering.