Communities of Practice (CoPs)


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Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Joining a Community of Practice (CoP) is a simple process, and involves two short steps.

1. Registering on the platform itself; and

2. Joining any of the 1,500+ individual communities (of which the
East Midlands Region A
dult Safeguarding CoP

is one)


Registration instructions to join the platform


and click on
Register now

on the
left ha
nd side of the screen.

2. Please accept the Terms and Condition and continue through the four steps to complete and submit your profile.
When completing your profile

please add some text about yourself and a picture
to help people connect with you

An e
mail will be sent to yo
u to confirm your registration

4. To confirm your registration

you must click on the link sent to your email address.

2. Joining the
East Midlands Region Adult Safeguarding CoP

1. Log onto

and click on Communities (found at the top of the screen, this is a link
to a list of all the communities currently ava

2. Search for ‘
East Midlands Region Adult Safeguarding’
, and once located, click to join this community

3. As this is a private community, you will be notified that your request to join has been sent to the community
facilitators. When your req
uest has been accepted, you will receive an e
mail notifying you that your registration has
been accepted.

If you experience any problems, or have any questions, there is a

function accessible along the top of the
screen at all times, or you can c

for support.