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We have prepared a simple

Q&A format that is easy to read.

This info can also
be found within the software.

It is VITAL that you request and READ our USER GUIDE and TIPS, if you haven't yet received
them. This guide contains advance tips and tricks to using this software.

Failure to read this
guide may result in poor results with craigslist posting.


se double check your emails for this guide prior to requesting.

It was emailed to
you once you paid.

We can only re
email this document when you have requested it along with
your ordering email and REG ID.


. Craigslist uses an ad comparison scale. If one
of your ads is 30% similar to another one of your ads then it wont show up. This is easy
to get around! Keep your ad descripti
on as short as possible and then be sure to use
random invisible text and your ads will most likely show up!

Unique Email address:

Use a different email address for each posting.

Different Ad Titles and Descriptions:
You need to change the ad title
each time to
avoid "similar posting" error and staff deletion or the infamous “ghost” ads. By using the
!title{} variable, you are able to rotate titles easily. It is also suggested to change your ad
copy as much as possible.

IP Address:

If you have the

Proxy Addon that we offer then change your IP as
frequently as possible. If a lot of ads are posted using a single IP then it is blocked for
few hours to few days, even permanently if abused recurrently. It seems postings from
foreign IPs are auto

by craigslist software.

: Titles should match with category. Using a lot of different titles are also
helpful. Particularly, it reduces user flagging. And obviously user flagging leads to staff

Don't post more than 10
20 ads at a tim

Give some time gap between each
batch of postings.

Select your posting category properly.

Postings on wrong categories are flagged
and deleted so quickly.

8) To get maximum benefit select your posting time carefully. Do some research to
determine app
roriate time for your business.

9) If your ads are flagged so frequently then make your ads more natural looking. Too
much commercial looking ads may be flagged so frequently unless you are posting
under "services offered" category.

10) Finally, avoid usin
g a particular word or phrase (may be company name, phone
number or email address etc...) in your titles or ad descriptions.



How do I know if the .NET Framework 2.0 is already installed on my computer?

You can check to see i
f you already have the .NET Framework installed by clicking Start on
your Windows desktop, selecting Control Panel, and then double
clicking the Add or Remove
Programs icon. When that window appears, scroll through the list of applications. If you see
osoft .NET Framework 2.0, then that version of the .NET framework is installed on your
computer. You may have more than one version installed. This is normal and will not cause

Does your program detect when the ads have been flagged and taken dow

Yes, if the program receives such e
mails, it clears the status rows of these ads. Next time
they'll be chosen to post. general I need more features. Can you suggest me anything else?
Yes, contact general Am I using the last version?
Yes, as the program has
update feature The program automatically checks for updates after closing. It'll be updated,
if necessary, on the next launch general can you explain how the image verification works? It
can recognize pictures: 20 sec, maximum
3 attempts general I don't need all cities.. Delete
rows from cities table in the ads tab. You can also open cl.mdb with ms access and delete cities
you don't need.

What about getting flagged?? any way around that?

Use different e
mails and/or proxy serv

How does Catch all email feature work?

It generates emails for your domain and uses them in your posts general there is the error
message:"The dynamic link library mrscoree.dll could not be found" You have to install .net
framework 2.0

What is "delete
instead of post"?

If you check "delete instead of post" checkbox, selected campaign will be deleted from cl (this
campaign must be already posted)

if I complete a job, and then I repeat it with the "repost old ads" active, i know that cap will delete
old a
ds and repost them; but if an ad is staff or community deleted, will cap handle the error and
understand that it needs to repost those too, skipping the deleting step? It'll understand if it gets
“posting has been removed” e
mail before this. g

Why am I ge
tting flag and removed from craigslist? Please I need help what technique
should I use, please advice

You should you different e
mails, proxies and random values. Also read the USER GUIDE and

How can I turn off the part of the program that automatica
lly does the e
mail check? I have my
own domain for e
and that just slow me down when posting.

Open craigslist.exe.config (it is in the program's folder) with notepad. Change default value:

<setting name="checkemail" serializeAs="String">




<setting name="checkemail" serializeAs="String">



It will be checked every 20000 post.

If I run the image verification on "post all", then it goes on to the next post if it can't load the
image, at the e
nd of all
the posts, can I go in and manually do the ones it couldn't do?

It doesn't go to the next post, but tries the same with another image. Yes, you can always do it

What is "There is no row at position 0"?

Open regid.txt (It's in the folder (ex. C:
Program files
)), enter your regid and save. Run
the program. It can occur if you have problems with your regid. general Can you have it where I
can use multiple headings on one ad also. Use !title{…} in t
he body or !random{..} in the title for
this. See help. general I get this error: "chkg:Unable to read data from the transport connection:
An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine." Wrong settings
for pop server.

I set up
an ad, saved it and then went to post it. When I click on post it, the browser part never
comes up. This is the message I got in the log: +OK Password required.
ERR Login failed.
Connection state not = TRANSACTION
Connection state not = TRANSACTION as you

see "
ERR Login failed.".

Make sure that you enter right username and password (gmail, for example, doesn't require in username) general email settings not working. in demo, I could use either of the
three radio buttons. now, i can only use

the top most radio. You need add on for this.

How do I put in the RegId?

Open regid.txt, enter your reg id and save. Run the program.

The problem with my posts was that the block was the result of the link to my website that I put
in my ads. I changed the

link and my posts went through. ok general What is "style" variable in
craigslist.exe.config ? It's value is used while formatting invisible text. It makes it invisible (color:
white, etc) general hat part of this: !random{value 1|value
2|value 3} are you

supposed to put
in the title? I used part of it and it wasn't invisible...thanks

!random{value 1|value 2|value 3} will be replaced with value 1 or value 2 or value 3 general I
have paid $$$ for this program and it doesn't work. I need more info about your


Also read the USER GUIDE and TIPS.

General avoidance of ad posts from being blocked?

NOTE: If you are using the SAME ads and SAME email addresses you are going to get blocked
whether using software or not. Craigslist c
an't block "software". They block the same ads or
similar ads, IP's and emails. The program adds invisible test to avoid duplicate ad posting
problem. If you add !NOIT{} to the ad's body, the program wont do this. The program also adds
internal ad's number
, to the ad's body (while posting). If you add !NOST{} to the ad's body, the
program wont do this.

So If you add !NOST{}!NOIT{} to the ad's body , the program won't add anything to your ad
while posting the ad. general Problem with AD BODY being blocked b
locked. Change ads
content (some info from it can be blocked), use different emails and probably proxies. Rewrite
your ads from the ground up, change words, contact info.

Problem with EMAIL / IP being blocked blocked.

You can use such proxy programs as to
avoid ip blocking. general I downloaded the
program but when I apply the proxy to be used I can not post…when I try to post I get this
message: The page cannot be displayed Bad proxy. The pro
xy is not working with craigslist.
Test it in Internet Explorer before using in the program. general What's "found in status table"?
This means the ad(s) is already posted. You need to clear status table (it's under cities) for the
ad or to press “reset al
l posts”.There are some additional options. Open craigslist.exe.config (it
is in the program's folder) with notepad. Change default value "0":

<setting name="aggressive" serializeAs="String">



to "3" to make the program always av
oid this check, or to "2" to make the program go to cl and
check if the ad is still there before posting.

Also read the USER GUIDE and TIPS.

The program does not pre
select "use this email address as my reply
to" although I specify to
display my email

Add !radio{Privacy|P} to the ad's body

How do I put my company logo in the ad and link it so that it go's to my website?

Add smth like <IMG src="" border=0></A>

Also read the USER GUIDE
and TIPS.

I changed everything

ad, e
ail, my IP is different and i added that code so that hidden text
wouldn't appear..and i
still get blocked...what u think they block now?

Try with random ad, etc.. Also read the USER GUIDE and TIPS.

If I put multiple ads in one campaign title, do the ads j
ust rotate sequentially?

Yes, they do. First it rotates category, then ads, then cities.

Where can i find previous version?

Change url from http://asd/xxx.exe to http://asd/xxx2.exe and download it.

Craigslist Auto Poster is posting my ads, but with NO IMAGES.

Check if the category where you post allows uploading images.

How can I make a link?

Add smth like <a href="http://yourlink">text of the link</a> to the text description.

I cannot open the
b file what do I use?

Use Microsoft Access (from Microsoft office)

What proxies are the best?

Choose the one where you can get more proxies for less money. The main problem here is that
CL can block IP of the proxy servers. general so if no resest i

cant still look it up via the posts
section if resest the app checks emails via pop? only new emails though? Yes, after reset all
posting info is lost.


I'm not receiving the confirmations?

Probably, you didn'
t enable POP3 in your email settings. Login to your email account and

enable it OR check your POP3 mail seetings and enter them in software. Make sure that
catchall domain or email list is forwarded to the email account, for which you enter
and password

Can you tell me where to change the color of the variables to snow so they don't show in the ad.
In the text

<p stule=”color:snow;”> {VARIABLE1}</p>

How do I know my ip?

There is MyIP link in the post tab. Click it to view your


I just followed every direction on your software posting an in services to the akron CL. It was
blocked. i logged onto CL through firefox and copied and pasted the same ad with the same
body and the same text directly into the akron CL. it accepted it
. i am posting the same ad with
the same email and the same pop settings. using your software it was blocked, posting directly
the same ad goes through. i do not even have a chance to agree to the terms before i get a
blocking number. I wanted to email you

and tell you we found out the problem with our posts
being blocked. I hope it will help you with other users.

We were using a proxy and the socks5. We had

and Mozilla Firefox in the socks
5. We also have IE on our computer. We did have Firefox
as the default driver and it was
showing blocking codes.

We found that if we downloaded the putty links and used them without the socks5 being opened
along with our IE
we did not need to open socks or to have mozilla on the computer.

Simply open a Start T
unnel Link in the putty, log in and open IE. We can then post with software
perfectly and everything is working perfectly. THANKS!

Can i add more than 1 random statement within the body of the ad?

Yes, You can do this. Just add “!random{yeyeyeyey| iuyiuiui
uiu| kldkfdkdkkddk}
!random{sssssssssssssssssss| jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj| ccccccccccccccccccc}” general Where is cap.log? It's
in the folder (ex. C:
Program files

I just tried to get the update again but my copy still says 12/19.

Do you have any fir
ewalls or anti
viruses? Try to switch them off before updating.

Does a yahoo email account work for the POP 3 email?

Only paid yahoo account general i have a question about the email list on the settings tab. i do
have a bunch of yahoo email addresses. so,

can i just enter a different email address in each
box for my email list? i don't understand how these emails will be checked if the program does
not have my password for each of these email accounts. Please explain. If you want to use
different e
mail ad
dresses in your posts, then enter them to the grid. Each e
mail will be rotated
each posts you specified. You have to redirect them to the one, which is entered in the settings
to verify incoming emails. You can also rotate domains, if you'll enter "@your
-", etcâ€

Also read the USER GUIDE and TIPS.

I installed the demo version on my work pc and it worked. After the demo expires, i entered my
regID, then it stopped working, giving me an "failed to authenticate to proxy serve
r" error. I
attached all the files for you to

My work does require to enter username and pwd when you start up the browser, but after that,
you don't have to enter username/pwd again.

When I use Invisible Browsing Software. I test the proxy server
manually on IE and go on
craiglist to see if it works and if does, I use the craigslist tool to post. It gives me an error saying
http 4.0 no allowed here. It seems like the
proxy doesn't support HTTPS.

Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS.

I just tried posting 10

ads. Same body, added random numbers and city name on tittle of the ad,
and I changed the e
mail address I use. It would let me post and receive the e
mails from
Craigslist. By the time your program
downloads the E
mails and posts, the ad has been

by the staff.

Randomize the body too with !random{..} and {VARIABLEx}. Probably they find keywords in
your ad and remove it.

The program freezes when it is downloading the emails. Then it wont run back again
once it has froze up?

You have too much mail in

your email box:

1)You can increase timeout for pop server, by setting This will set
time out for retrieving email 60 sec.

2)Or delete other mail

3)Or create another email, forward all mail there and check it.

How do i rotate every

ad body and title for each posted city?

Use !rotate{your body1|your body2|your body3}. You should replace your body1, your body2,
etc with your text. See help.

I have created a list of 25 emails and ads w/ different titles, how do i rotate each ad and tit
differently so that each
ad and title are unique everytime that a ad is posted in each
city....does your prgram have that option?

Yes. You can create different ads and select city for each or create one ad and use !rotate{..}
with different content both

in title and the body.

I try to post on craigslist but the poster starts posting in backpage automatically

This means backpage location is checked for the ad. Press “Reset” button on backpage page
and then save.

Do you have any suggestions for getting posts to stay in the listings and not get
removed from craigslist?

See here
/tips.htm and Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

I'd like to change city names which are posted with !cityname{}?

ou can edit city names in the program (click twice on it). general How can i send you
screenshot? Press “PrtSc” button on your keyboard to capture the screen and then paste it in
the email.

Where is status table?

It's under city and category tables.

ssfully posted ads are not getting written into a record for confirmation. Just want to
confirm that that is the
main problem. It doesn't record the url to check if the page was

You need to remove !NOST{} from your ad for this.

Wouldn't seeing
that kind rapid succession ads being posted raise a flag and make the posts
vulnerable to investigation? I don't think so. But you can use pause button and spread out your
posting time intervals. Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

There doesn't appear to be any

city data in ms access?

The city data is encrypted. You can only copy/paste it.

How long is the normal wait until I receive the emails?

It depends on how is busy: from a second till an hour mail

Why do I need to use different emails?

If you
r ads use different emails this increase probability that CL won't delete all your ads one by
one mail

When does the program check email?

Every 20 ads and after all ads are posted in campaign, the program automatically verifies

(or you can make it
to do manually by pressing "check email") You can change this value in
craigslist.exe.config (find "checkemail" there). mail

Will the program automatically delete the publish email after the ad is published?

Yes, but It can be still available thru web inte
rface (if you use mail it seems to be
publishing the ads… but why is it deleting them? “Your ad has been deleted successfullyâ€
It's actually submitting the delete button.

Did you check repost checkbox? Then it deletes the
ad first then pu
blishes it. mail So one can use same email address for say, 10 posts in different
cities? Yes, you can mail how can I import a list of email addresses? Bulk import can be done
with ms access: open db.mdb for this. mail

on that's on the site, which is f
or multiple email address. Do I need that?

exactly does that help me do?

It helps to post more before blocking your ip and deleting all ads at once by CL mail What does
this feature do?..."E
mail verification and dependent features"? Confirmation of
verification, monitor status of each ad and reposting features . mail What is test feature? This
feature automatically uncheck bad proxies or emails.To test e

1. Check test mode checkbox

2. Select rotation email every 1 post.

3. Post any campa

blocked emails will be unchecked.

(use events>classes category for testing

it doesn't require image verification)

To test proxies:

1. Check test mode checkbox

2. Select rotation proxies every 1 post.

3. Post any campaing

blocked proxies will be u

(use events>classes category for testing

it doesn't require image verification) other What is
"das" feature? It works the following: let the schedule interval = 1 day and you schedule without
offset feature, but with !das{24} inthe ad.

The next

day it is posted (6/10/2006), it'll be deleted (7/10/2006). It'll be posted again
30/10/2006 (as 24 = 30


Can I pay for other features later?

Certainly, you can. Email us at

for details

Is there proxy support with the program?

u can enter proxy server in Internet Explorer settings (Go to IE settings
> connections

> lan
settings) and it'll be used by the program proxy Do you have a list of proxies or do we have to
find this ourself? No, if i have such list

it'll be banned ver
y soon. You have to find this yourself.
proxy Where can I find proxies? Try, for example, proxy.

Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

Where can I test the proxy?

Use this program:
to test your proxy proxy.

Does it work with dial up internet access or broadband (DSL or cable)? When you dial
up you
should get a different
IP address, right? Or is this where the proxies come in?

Yes, with any. Yes, but CL can block ip range too. Of course, proxy is better. proxy

How does one get around a blocked IP? Please be detailed, and when they block you are
you blocked indefinitely?

It's possible to use Internet Explorer proxy. Yes, for a da
y. After about 40 ads. IMPORTANT:
Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

When is schedule useful?

It helps you post your campaigns every specified interval. When the program recieves email that
the ad was deleted (blocked), it makes its status "unposted". So if you

use schedule it'll be
posted again. schedule Also, for example in settings you enter the name of your campaign and
put 7 in days if you want it every day and for hours and minutes you have the 24 clock? no, just
1 in days and it'll post until you press st
op button schedule Scheduling: must leave your
computer on with the program open, right? yes schedule Also, will it automatically "Repost old
ads" with the scheduling? yes, if repost is checked schedule How can I use schedule? Read
ch.htm schedule will the schedule be unlimited repeated again and again
,if i don't press the stop button? Yes, it'll schedule

Whenever I try to post via your program I get a 404 error or "The page cannot be found?."

It seems your IP is blocked (try, for e
xample to post without program). You have to wait a day or
use proxy servers. Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

I posted a bunch of ads and I only see two “emails received” in the Report tab?

This means the other emails hasn't come yet. Wait a bit more.

sful posts the app is now failing the craigslist duplicate ad filter. any ideas?

I'm using the same title and the same body. It seems your email address is blocked by CL. You
have to change it and forward to your current email. If you have such problems tr
y to experiment
with manual posting and random email/tiltle/body.

Read the

I can't post the same ad twice?

It doesn't post if the ad is already posted. If you'd like to post the same ad again: delete rows
from status table (it's unde
r cities) or press reset posts button or check repost.

I successfully posted 58 posts to craigslist, now nothing is posting. They appear to send my
post, but I do not get a confirmation email, so the post is never published. Is this from Craigslist
g too many posts from one email

Does the add on that alternates email
addresses correct this?


is not absolute solution, it allows to post more before blocking troubles.

It is
also VITAL that you Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!


is explained in detail here.

If I'm banned from posting as a result of using this tool, how do I get around it?

Use proxy and other methods..

Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

I have purchased the full version of your software and it works great for a while.
I use the
Gawab email address that I created and it verifies correctly for the first several ads, then my
Gawab account stops receiving emails. If I wait a day or 2 it works again for a while and then
just stops. I don't know if it is a Gawab problem or th
e software problem.
Please provide any
information that might help.

Probably your email is temporary blocking. Try to use another email account to figure out the
problem.. The User Guide details this issue.

Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

I got " object refe
rence not se..." error.. ?

" object reference not se..." can occur when there is a timeout of retrieving the page from CL.
Timeout can be edited in craigslist.exe.config (it is in the program's folder) with notepad it has
10 sec default value:

<setting nam
e="timeout1" serializeAs="String">




Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!

Do you think you could you make it easier to select which cities to post to? Perhaps you could
add a feature to
Duplicate a campai
gn to avoid selecting cities each time?

To create the ad2 with the same cities ad1: select ad1 and press “+”.

You can duplicate campaign with ms access: open db.mdb
> posts table and duplicate rows.

This posting is being blocked: Blocking Code 14164287 No
w I'm receiving this Error

Try to change
something in

title, body, email for posting. Another reason is blocked invisible text
style (the ad is posting with !NOST{}!NOIT{}, but it isn't posting without it). Then close the
program and open craigslist.
exe.config in notepad, find "style" setting and change it. For
example, change 2px to 3px or change the color.

<setting name="style" serializeAs="String">

<value>&lt;p style="font


Also, Read the USER


The only difference between manual posting and with the program (aside from other hidden

is random invisible text: use !NOIT{}!NOST
{} reserved words in your ad's body and
the program will act the same as you do in the internet explorer.(make sure that you entered the
same info in the program). See also "style" keyword in this faq

it can help. troubles Cities are
randomly selected af
ter pressing save button
Select rows with the cities you don't use and
press delete to delete them from the table. Then try again. You can also do this if you don't
need all cities

Read the USER GUIDE and TIPS!


Please inquire to

to purchase below add on modules.

Schedule for each campaign: Automatically posts to any category at intervals such as every
day, every week, every two days... etc. $100

Automatic type in image verification information (It takes 20 sec, 2
3 attempts maximum) $100.

Ability to use proxies to prevent banning with automatic rotation: HTTP and SOCKS v4,v5
proxies support $100 Screenshot.

Automatic Repost Option: The program checks if the ad is already posted

if its so then the
program deletes this ad before posting it secondly.(It's also available for schedule) $100

Craigslist Emailer: Extract emails and send messages automati
cally (multiple city/category
selection; multiple email accounts support; entering target emails manually support; delay
between emails support; reporting) $100


account creator (+ image uploader) $

(You have to enter image verification word

Yahoo account creator (+ CL account creator) $

(You have to enter image verification word

Posting in
- $
0. Screenshot.