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One-stop for Marketing Plans and a full menu of marketing services to implement your needs. Call 704.841.2464 Perfect Image, Charlotte NC

Printing Company Charlotte

We Enjoy Serving Youwith

expert advice, one
stop convenience and a "whatever it
takes" attitude. It's our hand
holding customer care that sets us apart. We listen to
your needs, add value wherever we can, and turn it around quickly. We welcome
your challenge.

A Menu of Marketing
Services in One Stop

We make it easier for you to get things done. Let us help you attract more leads while you
focus on making them happy.

It's like we're your personal Marketing Dept!

Perfect Image: A different kind of company.

When I came to Perfect
Image over eight years ago, my vision for the
company was to diversify into the online area and more. With our
then limited offering of design, printing, and mailing, I saw that our
clients needed more tools and media options for their effective

We’ve since accomplished that, having added web
design, email marketing, and promotional products to the mix. Now
we can offer comprehensive marketing plans that are unbiased,
focusing on what works best for our client, not limited by what we offer.
We re
alize you have options for getting the help you need.

Here’s what you can expect.

Taking the pressure off you

We make it easier for you to get things done.

We add value to your project. We look for typos, bad image quality, improper
grammar, and often
recommend a different format or specification if we think it will
perform better for you.

A relationship with us is like having your very own marketing department. This
allows us to manage your projects from a broader perspective to ensure consistency
ss all your media, from logo design to brochures to your website.

Sweating the small stuff…so you don’t have to

We sweat the details to strengthen your branding. We believe
each component needs to fit into your overall communications
strategy. See our blog


Why Every Small Business
Needs a Marketing Plan.

I can’t recall the last time we missed a client’s deadline. We’re
sensitive to the efforts you’ve put into your project.

Our recommendations are unbiased and balanced.

A culture of getting it done
for over 30 years

Our culture is centered around the Golden Rule. It’s all about
respect and empathy

for our customers.

class, old fashioned, “hold
hand” customer care.

simple things like answering the phone within 3 rings
during business hours. And providing you the same personal
contact to work with on all your needs.

You can leverage our experience to achieve better results.
Our team has a combined 150 years of exper
ience in
marketing communications

and that’s just their time here
at Perfect Image! There’s hardly a thing we haven’t experienced at some point.

Printing Services

From Business Cards to

Brochures & more

everything you

No printing job is too small or too large.

We manage it all

from concept to delivery

with the technology and expertise to
design and print from literally thousands of products for your business or non
profit. Here are

some of the most commonly asked for print items:

Business cards






Training manuals

Outdoor banners




Tradeshow graphics

Door hangers

Marketing is more than just your logo design.

Your logo is one representation of your brand, and it’s importan
t to how the market sees
you. But marketing is more than your logo. In fact, every “touch” influences your prospect’s
perceptions of you and your company. Those touches include:

The quality of your website

How you answer the phone

Your business card, broc
hure, other marketing materials

Your social media profile descriptions

The personality and tone of your emails

Your 10
second elevator speech

A marketing plan that’s well thought out will refine all your messages and help you manage
your spending as you w
ork to build your brand.

Promotional Products

Logo’d Promotional Products help reinforce your branding.

We directly source the world (literally) for promotional products

pens, bags and
backpacks, mugs and more

to help you stay top
mind with your prospects and
customers or boost employee spirits. It’s a huge industry accounting for over $20 billion in
al spending in 2013. Used by marketers to carry their brand or marketing message
long after they are given, they are limited only by one’s creativity. Here are some common

Web Design Services

Choose Your Web Design Firm Carefully.

If you’re serious
about your business, you deserve a
serious website.

Here’s why

for a typical prospect, 60
70% of their mind is
already made up before they contact a potential vendor.* They
almost certainly looked at your website. Unless your brother
law is up on the l
atest trends in web design, we suggest you
entrust this to a pro.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is effective and inexpensive…as long as you have a relationship with that
person. Your customers and prospects, anyone you’ve transacted with

they’re all good
candidates whose email address you’re apt to know.
But we don’t recommend purchasing
an email list of strangers you’d like to solicit. Your prospects appreciate those about as
much as you and I do.

Direct Mail & Fulfillment Services

Handle it yourself? Maybe, but we’ll save you time and hassle. For
mailing, we’ll
dramatically lower your postage expense. We comply with all Post Office regulations, so it
sails through easily without risk of being rejected. For fulfillment, we have the tools to get it
done faster and free you of the details. Mailing and

fulfillment are complicated

we can
help you.

For more information p
lease visit