Personal Document Management

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FileCenter helps you scan, organize, find, and edit computer files ... fast and easy. Whether for use in the home or office, FileCenter makes scanning more efficient and file organization more intuitive.

Personal Document Management

Go Paperless with FileCenter

FileCenter helps you scan, organize, find, and edit computer files ... fast and
easy. Whether for use in the home or office, FileCenter
makes scanning more
efficient and file organization more intuitive.

Get started with your free trial and accomplish more today. Discover the
complete paperless office solution that's got everyone talking. FileCenter:
simple, yet powerful.

Here's What FileC
enter Does ...


Go from paper to searchable PDF i
n a single mouse click. Scanning
important documents has never been easier ... or faster.


Manage your files in a way that makes sense:
electronic file cabinets
Organize your scans, computer files, and e
mail together.


PDF is the standard. Make them, manipulate them, and use them in
FileCenter. Our built
in editor and wizards make it a snap.


Make scans, faxes and other documents fully searchable. Or pull the text
from a paper document into Word.


When all you need

is a quick glimpse, preview the file without opening it.
As fast and easy as thumbing through documents.


Find files effortlessly. Search
the keywords and notes in your PDFs or the
entire body of your documents.


Share cabinets on the office netw
ork or float them onto the cloud. And
enjoy the robust Windows file security you're already used to.

Discover the PDF Scanning and File Organization Software
Users Rave About

We have one goal: to make time
sapping tasks like PDF scanning, PDF editin
g, and
file organization as fast, efficient, and pain
free as possible. But don't take our word
for it.
Read what real
world users

like you have to say after turning their own offices
paperless w
ith FileCenter.

PDF Scanning

The biggest speed bump to the paperless office has always been document scanning
... until now. Use FileCenter to move paper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouse
click. Move documents, letters, receipts, and business cards t
o your PC as fast as
your scanner can pull them through. To speed up document scanning even further,
FileCenter can automatically split apart documents and even save them to the right
client folder for you.

You've never had a more reliable filing assistant
. All of the tedious tasks, like OCR
and indexing to make your scans searchable, happen automatically behind the
scenes. Do you need to pull a paper document into Word for editing? Email a paper
document? Or maybe just add more pages to an existing scan? N
ot a problem ... any

File Organization

Home user? Business user? Enterprise user? It makes no difference. Everyone deals
with computer files

lots of them. Use FileCenter's file organization to manage
scans, PC files, and e
mail in a way that makes

electronic file cabinets. Bring
all of your existing files into FileCenter instantly

no messy imports, no

Then enjoy thoughtful file organization features to speed up the way you work, like
suggested file names, reusable folder layou
ts, and a quick preview feature for most
kinds of files. Prefer doing things the Windows way? Not a problem. FileCenter
includes an Explorer view and ways to see just "slices" of your file system for
quicker access. Sometimes the quickest way to a file is
through a search. With the
in search interface, you'll pull up files as fast as you can type.

PDF Conversion & Editing

PDF has become the standard for sharing and archiving files. That's why FileCenter
fully embraces PDF and bends over backwards to m
ake PDF conversion and PDF
editing easy for any user. You'll simply drag and drop PDFs onto each other to
combine them.

Split, merge, add or delete pages

manipulate your PDFs using powerful PDF
editing features designed for the novice. If you need to add

notes, stamps, or
highlights to a PDF, fill out PDF forms, or digitally sign a PDF, you'll do it without
leaving the program. That's convenience. PDF creation is just as easy. Convert any
kind of file to PDF with the included PDF printer, or convert exist
ing files to PDF
alone or in bulk. Need to e
mail a sensitive document? Send it as an uneditable PDF .

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