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702 εμφανίσεις CBT College has a vast variety of degrees that cater to any individual’s interest or schedule. Choose to complete your degree from our School of Business, School of Technology, School of Allied Health, School of Modern Arts or the School of Languages. Our applied teaching approach and hands on training, prepare students to become dominant figures in the global marketplace. CBT College offers our students:

CBT College

A College in Miami With
Exceptional Degree Programs

CBT College is a higher education & career education institution based in
the city of Kendall, Florida and operating four more campuses in Greater
Miami (Flagler Street area), Hialeah, West Kendall, and Cutler Bay areas.
Nationally accredited by A.C.I.C.S., licensed by the Commission of
Independent Education and certified by the U.S. Department of Education,
CBT College seeks to provide affordable career training with a focus on
technology & sciences to its community.

CBT focuses on offering education and true hands
on experience for
students so that they can be fully trained and ready to work in their
industry of choice. Today, CBT offers education in Business Administration,
Computer and Information Technology, Allied Health, Graphic Design and
Languages, all of which are instrumental in just about any career in any job

About CBT College in Miami Florida

CBT College was founded on October 19th of 1988 by Mr. Fernando and Gladys
Llerena. Since then, the mission of the college has been that of reaching the
community, by opening its doors to innumerable opportunities through high quality
academic preparation in programs that are in direct connection with the current job
market demands.
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History of CBT College

CBT College is nationally accredited and is an internationally renowned
College in the U.S. with five campuses throughout the Greater Miami
area, the most populous city in Florida. Each of the College’s campuses
are only minutes away from Miami’s famous sparkling white sandy
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While our students are led to their successful careers, they are guided
through their entire College education because at CBT College, our
students, faculty and staff together are one united international family.

The College of Business and Technology (CBT College) was founded in
1988 by Fernando Llerena and Gladys Llerena.

CBT College was recognized in 2000, by the Greater Miami Chamber of
Commerce as one of the Top 100 Hispanic Businesses in Florida. In 2002
CBT College began offering associate degree programs and changed
accreditation to ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges
and Schools) in order to pursue higher education degrees. CBT is a for
profit, private, two
year Career College that offers Associate degree
programs in business, health care, technology and construction swell as
the previous non

In 2005, CBT College opened two branch campuses in Miami and Hialeah and in the year 2008, CBT
opened a branch in Cutler Bay. In 2010, CBT will open a West Kendall branch. The CBT College is
accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award
diploma and academic associate degrees. CBT is also licensed by the Commission for Independent
Education (CIE) and certified by the United States Department of Education. In addition, CBT is under
the regulation of the Florida’s Statewide Numbering System that facilitates the transfer of courses
between participating institutions.


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