About Us

We live in a fantastic time witnessing the rise of a generation of pioneers due to technological revolution. Technology has opened the doors of opportunity to people around the globe. Turning the man's most obscure ideas into reality, technology is the bridge between realism and idealism. Never before one could so easily affect the life of so many around the world. Technology is the tool for those who have the vision to make a difference.

TechyLib is a free service that enables the worldwide community of technology professionals and enthusiasts to easily share and manage documents and presentations.

At TechyLib, we believe that true knowledge can be developed through people, conversations, connections and relationships. and the gateway to knowledge is by connecting to people that know or know who to contact. We believe that there is a thin line between sharing information and sharing knowledge, despite sharing information that is merely about trading something with people, sharing knowledge occurs only when you manage to gather a community of people who are genuinely interested in assisting one another build up new capabilities to make a difference. We believe that knowledge can be transformed into power only through the medium of sharing.

At TechyLib you can upload and share your documents and presentations, manage a list of your favorite contents, comment on and join discussions on the documents that interest you, print and download tons of quality content. TechyLib makes it easy to connect, share and contribute your knowledge with the world and benefit from the knowledge of others.